Tackle Your New Year's Resolution by CHAARGing On

 Courtesy: FSU CHAARG Facebook

Why just fight on when you can charge on? Welcoming you to FSU’s newest fitness organization: CHAARG. CHAARG is a fitness organization dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle while motivating other girls, as well. Their mission statement is to “liberate girls from the elliptical” by trying to encourage different workouts, all while learning how to improve physical and mental health. It’s not all about the gym when it comes to CHAARG. They have socials and small groups where all the girl's workout together and studio spotlights once a week where they work with different workout organizations and hold a free workout session, that can include yoga, kickboxing, or even Zumba.

What makes CHAARG an organization unlike any other is its mission statement: “CHAARG’s goal is to liberate girls from the elliptical and shows them that fitness can be fun!” I met up with the treasurer of CHAARG, Haley Joiner to explain just what that is. Haley explained to me that “working out has so much more to it when you know how to work your body in different ways” and this is exactly what CHAARG does by giving you an experience that is much more than the gym. The gym is much more than cardio on a simple machine. Haley expanded her workout routine by moving from just the elliptical to the track and even the stair climber. Not only that, but she started lifting weights instead of just doing cardio which challenged her a lot more. Haley joined CHAARG for its sense of a fitness community with girls. She excitedly exclaims, “To be in CHAARG is to be surrounded by people all interested in the same thing. People that love what you do too, where you can all motivate each other and find common goals.”

A unique concept of CHAARG is their small groups. Small groups consist of a group of girls with the opportunity to know each other on a smaller scale rather than the entire CHAARG chapter. The small groups are run by an executive member who chooses workout excursions for the week and creates a bond between the girls within the chapter. The chapter also hosts themed socials once a month. CHAARG has a Valentine’s Day themed social coming up soon and there’s also one at FSU’s very own reservation at Lake Bradford!

CHAARG has exciting events coming up this semester including recruitment, which is currently happening and can be seen on Landis Green from 2 to 6 p.m. They are recruiting for two weeks finishing off the final week with a sample studio spotlight on Landis, which is open to anyone at 2:30 p.m. They will be hosting LB’s boot camp that will let girls dip their toes into CHAARG waters and make the decision of becoming a full-time member.

Why should you join CHAARG? Why not? It is something different than just a workout club where you meet once a week and hardly get to know your peers. CHAARG allows you to become closer to girls while at the same time improving your health.

You can reach out to CHAARG through their Facebook and their national site.