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The Power of Meditation, Especially Now

With everything going on in the world right now, it seems that many of us (including myself) need to take a step back and breathe through the many difficult challenges we are all facing together as a nation. With everyone constantly having access to media and news sources we can often find ourselves stressed within seconds. During this time in quarantine, I challenged myself to use this time to learn more about meditation so that I can learn to better handle stress and no longer let the media at our fingertips have so much control over my mind. 


For about six months now, I have practiced meditation to help me calm down any of my anxious thoughts and to let go of anything I’m trying to have too much control over. I tend to want to control every situation I am in and have it figured out in the way I feel most comfortable with. But unfortunately, we are not always able to control every circumstance we find ourselves in and meditation has been the key in helping me loosen your grip and let it go. 

Also, I’ve learned that there are various benefits to meditation! It can reduce stress, promote mindfulness, lengthen attention span, generate kindness, etc. If you find yourself curious about meditation or needing to relax more than ever before, I’m here to help!


First, if you haven’t meditated before do not worry at all! There are so many applications you can download on your phone to help guide you along the process and help your mind not wander as much. Some of my favorite applications are Shine, Headspace, and Calm. If you are looking to save (since some of these applications cost money) you can always try a guided meditation on YouTube! When I first started out I used YouTube since I felt that it was the best way of getting into meditation. 


Second, you want to find a comfortable and safe space for you to practice. I feel this is a crucial step because when meditating you want as little distractions as possible. Steer clear from any noise, and if it helps put on your headphones as well. When you find a comfortable and safe space, take out a yoga mat if you have one and if not a towel will do just fine. To add to my meditations I will often bring a candle and light it, some crystals, and lotion that has a lavender scent that helps calm me down! 


Then begin the meditation sitting down with your legs crossed and start to use your guided meditation to begin. Once you feel more relaxed, close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out. Do not be hard on yourself if you cannot completely concentrate since this usually takes some practice! What I like to do if my mind wanders is to look at my thoughts as if they were balloons in the wind and let them come in and flow out as they please. Especially if there is a lot on your mind these thoughts will be inevitable but there is always a way for you to control them by focusing on your breath and not completely attaching yourself to these thoughts. During my meditation, I will use my scented lotion on my hands and breathe in the scents as they will help guide my mind and body back to what I’m doing. 


Finally, when you feel you are ready begin to open your eyes and end your meditation with a stretch or a positive message such as: “Today I am going to be productive, be mindful, and have an incredible day” or you can say “Today I will practice self-compassion and fill my mind with good thoughts.” Whatever you feel you need the most, speak it into the world and keep yourself accountable. 


Meditation is not for everyone and it requires you to set time aside for yourself and your routine. But when we find ourselves in need of silence, feeling overwhelmed, or in a negative thinking pattern meditating can help realign yourself and focus on the now. 


P.S. Even with six months of practicing I am still learning the dos and don’ts of meditation and if it isn’t this that you use to help calm you during these stressful times find another healthy habit that allows you to take a step back and let go of any stress-induced patterns. 

Suzanne Garcia is a student at Florida International University, majoring in Digital Communications and Media. Her interest include fashion, beauty & wellness, giving advice to others and going on adventures! She is a Disney girl at heart and loves nothing more than her family and friends. Suzanne is excited to share her passions through her articles on HerCampus!
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