Top 5 Wellness Trends for Spring 2018

Wellness… what is it really? In a few words, I would like to think ‘wellness’ is the simultaneous combination of taking care of the body and mind. This could range from mental health, to fitness, to diet, to one's overall well-being and so on. It could be how one takes care of themselves whether it’s through meditation or various types of therapies, like crystals or skin care. Usually wellness is scientifically proven to a certain extent and/or approved by doctors in that certain field who can provide science and expert-backed thoughts. Wellness is an especially important topic these days with our ever-changing world when it comes to topics of social media, politics, tech, business and so on, penetrating every part of our lives with a world that's only getting faster and harder to keep up with day to day. In this stressful world we live in, wellness can ground one’s self and ‘bring them back down to earth’ per say, making someone conscious of themselves, as well as the importance of taking care of one’s self in ways they may be lacking, that they don’t realize. College students, in particular, I think are a specific niche that needs personal wellness and should be reminded to take care of one’s immediate physical, mental and emotional needs before they should move forward with exterior responsibilities like school, work, friends, etc. College is a huge change and it’s so easy to lose sight of taking care of oneself in the mix of it all. Once you have taken care of yourself, you can tend properly to what else needs to be taken care of. Here are five wellness trends that will help you help ‘you’ first.


1. Vitamins to keep you at your best.

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Being in your 20s today means staying up at all hours, getting drinks with friends and eating what makes you feel happy, which is why vitamins are vital to keep you at your best at all times. It is recommended to take Vitamin D for your immune system and hormone support, Vitamin B for a better mood and increased mental focus, magnesium for a better working body overall, and fish oil for a healthier brain. Supported by a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, vitamins will do wonders to keep you functioning at your full potential.


2. Probiotics for bloat.

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No bloat, no problem. Probiotics are your best friend when it comes to having and maintaining gut health. Sometimes your eating schedule is out of whack due to classes, meetings, friend meet-ups, etc, which can really sacrifice your gut health. According to Byrdie, “the trick: take a high-strain probiotic and chase it with water.”


3. Be mindful, be present.

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It’s easy to get lost in hectic schedules and future deadlines. Doing what you can to stay mindful and present can help ease your mind and improve your outlook on life as well as how you see yourself. Mindful exercises to do include working out, going for a walk, engaging with nature, breathing, going grocery shopping, meditating, listening to a song and focusing on the lyrics, preparing a meal, writing in a journal, practicing mindful observation, cleaning your room, reading a book, doing a puzzle and the list goes on. Find which activities keep you grounded and focused and use these as mindful practices as part of your everyday. 


4. Real food for thought.

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A healthy diet is key to keeping high energy day-to-day and nutritionist-recommended whole foods will help you do this. Eat these nutritionist-approved foods and it will help you in ways you can’t imagine. Eat blueberries, leafy greens, avocados, beans, garlic, lemon, chia seeds, sprouts, quinoa and wild salmon. Providing antioxidants, vitamins and real health benefits, these foods will help with weight loss, improved energy, metabolism, digestion, mind and overall well-being. 


5. Sweat it out via HIIT!

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HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout routines rev your metabolism like no other, hours after you have worked out to tone your body all over, increasing muscle definition and giving you the added workout boost you need. Try squat jumps, burpees and push-ups for an added cardio boost. Try mountain climbers and plank hip dips to tone your midsection to perfection. 


As humans, we are a perfect combination of body, mind and soul, and ‘wellness’ is the perfect to way to keep these functioning at their best, so you are at your best.