7 Places to Work Out Besides the Campus Gyms

Sometimes, the Union/Baker/Chidsey rotation can get a little repetitive. If you're like me, you're tired of running into everyone you know while sweating profusely. Here are a couple of places to give you a change of scenery and company.

  • Yoga on Davidson

    • This one can even fulfill a PE requirement! The cute and trendy yoga studio on Main Street offers student discounts, is stocked with Clean Juice and Lululemon yoga mats, and even gives you a cold scented towel after every sweat sesh.

  • PureBarre

    • PureBarre is a new workout trend that's popular nationwide, and luckily there's one located in Birkdale. The website claims it's a transformative, low-impact, total body workout. One class is $23, and new members can join unlimited for just $100. The style of workout is probably unlike anything you've ever done, so luckily the website has lots of tips to make sure you don't make a fool out of yourself the first time you go.  

  • Kadifit

    • Because it's located close to campus and has affordable pricing, KadiFit has a lot of students and faculty that frequent it. They offer all sorts of classes, from cardio dance to kickboxing. Your first week is completely free, and unlimited, so I recommend starting on a week when you're not too bogged down with work.

  • Lake Campus

    • Davidson College Lake Campus can be a great way to get your exercise in, in the great outdoors. It would be a great place for a DIY yoga or calisthenics workout, or you could take one of the Stand-Up Paddleboards out to work your whole body.

  • The cross country trails

    • Many students still don't know how to access the cross country trails (hint: they're across the street from satellite parking, off Ridge Road by the IMAX fields), but these can be a great place for peace and tranquility while you workout. For more than just cardio, you could stop at each kilometer and do body-weight exercises like burpees, squats, and jumping jacks.

  • Davidson Outdoors Rock Wall

    • Rock climbing can be a great upper body workout, and luckily we have a venue right inside the union. The wall is open to anyone during certain hours daily, so grab a friend and get ready to feel sore tomorrow!

  • Baker Pool

    • Swimming is a great total body cardio workout, and the best part is you're not even sweaty afterward. The pool has open swim hours daily and has kickboards and other equipment there for you to use.

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