Your Guide to Staying Fit During the Cold Season

Winter is horrible. Especially here in Quebec. There are extreme cold days like there are awkward and hot and rainy ones. It’s easy to get discouraged to leave the house to workout. Hell, it is easy to get discouraged to do the everyday tasks. Even as a fitness junkie, I can admit that my motivation always runs low during the winter. However, because I pay good money for my gym membership, I try to go as often as possible. For me, it is only only about not letting Klub Athletik run away with my 45$ every month, it is truly about conserving good habits. If you want to know how you can stay fit during this abominable season, continue to read!

Join a Class

If you rely on your own motivation and schedule abilities to work-out, you won’t make it. Joining a class, for example, soul-cycling, can force you to make time in your schedule. You don’t have to think about it, you just have to show up!

Get a Personal Trainer

If you need a financial incentive (like I do!), hire a personal trainer. It is good accountability wise. You are paying someone for their time so they can help you sweat. “I like to throw money out of the windows” said no one ever. Plus, if you get tempted to skip a workout sessions, you will have to think twice about it because of the cancellation fees.

Get a Workout Buddy

If you cannot afford a personal trainer but could use the accountability, a workout partner is the way to go. Being aware that someone else relies on you to be present at the gym will motivate you to get there. Also, if you two get along, it is also a socialization moment rather than just a workout session. Just make sure you partner up with someone who is as motivated as you - or I would suggest, more motivated than you. There is no point in getting a workout buddy if the both of you are just going to cancel your workouts each time you schedule them.

Workout in the morning

Working out first thing in the morning does not sound crazy appealing, but I found it to be the best way to ensure I had my workout in. I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day: it is already done! Also, working up first thing in the morning has amazing benefits. According to