Staying In Shape with the Fitness App Sworkit

Keeping up a workout routine can get tricky when the semester starts to speed up. With tests and papers piling up, maintaining that New Year’s resolution to get in shape often stops being a priority. If it’s getting harder and harder to squeeze in time for the gym, the fitness app Sworkit could be what you need to stay on track. 

The app was created by three Americans who shared “the principle that nobody wants to be out of shape and even the smallest physical activity should be celebrated, as it forms the seed of habit.” 

Sworkit offers a variety of circuit training workouts, meaning that users do a series of exercises for 30 seconds each. The app guides users through the exercises by showing videos of trainers doing them. This makes it easy for anyone to follow along. It’s a simple way for experienced circuit trainers to find exercises to add to their workouts, and for beginners to learn the basics. 

While the app is free, there is also the option to pay for a premium version. The upgrade costs $6.99/month or $54.99/year. It offers more workouts and lets users customize them. It also gives users the option to directly message trainers. However, the free version of the app still lets users access a variety of workouts including yoga and cardio.

Something users should be aware of though is that circuit training is more beneficial when done with other workouts. According to, while circuit training is great for improving muscular endurance, it is less effective at increasing strength and power. However, studies show that even if people don’t have the time to make it to the gym, just 15 minutes of daily exercise has a lot of benefit. This is where Sworkit proves itself to be extra convenient.

What sets it apart from other workout apps is how accessible the workouts are. Unlike apps like Nike + Training, none of the workouts on Sworkit require equipment. Most workouts require little more than space the length and width of a yoga mat. This makes it easy to do them at home. Plus, Sworkit lets users choose how long they want to workout for, whether it’s five minutes or 60. 

All of this makes Sworkit worth checking out for anyone looking to add a little more exercise to their daily routine.