5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

As collegiettes, we are constantly juggling our academic obligations, our work schedule, social lives and love lives. As much as I am an advocate for giving your all to all you put yourself into, I have recognized how important it is to take care of ourselves! Here are a few different ways the everyday college woman can start practicing self-care.

  1. Naps

This option is my personal favorite because one, it’s free and two, it’s so essential (especially for us coffee neurotics who never seem to catch enough sleep at night). Our first instincts when we have free time is to fill it with either some Netflix, extra school readings, activities, etc. But wouldn’t it be great if we could reach for our inner kindergarten self and take a nice afternoon nap? Remember how grumpy we used to be before naptime but how revived and relaxed we were when waking up? These days I would commit murder for a few minutes of extra sleep. Naps are not just for those who lack sleep, they can also be a stress reliever and an energy booster. They create a pause in your day and help you get the little rest you need to go after the remaining tasks.

  1. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Beauty Breaks

A beauty break is exactly what it sounds like: a break to indulge in your favorite beauty activity. Whether it’d running around in the different aisles of Sephora and buying a few sample-sized products to fill up your beauty bag, taking a nail appointment, getting your hair done professionally, going for a facial, etc, set aside a little bit of money each week until you reach a desired amount and go on a little splurge. It is very crucial that the splurge is not simply an online one: there is something special about being in a space for a forty-five minutes to an hour where your main focus is simply to enjoy yourself and let someone else take care of you! Plus, it gives you something to look forward to when you are going through a hectic week and let’s be honest, a hair appointment is just the same as a therapist one, but cheaper!

  1. Vacation

Now it has been proven time and time again that a little vacation can never hurt anybody. If you are not able to save money from your paycheck for a Europe extravaganza, do not fall into despair. There are good last minute deals for flights and cruises in the South. You can also simply take a road-trip by yourself to a local, but distanced city. An hour and a half away from Montreal you can be in Vermont or in lovely Venice en Quebec (which is literally a dupe of the Hamptons) and spend one night in a little AirBnB. The main idea is to get away from the buzz of the city and breathe some new air by yourself or with close friends as a treat to yourself for working so hard in life!

  1. Morning routine or night routine (everyday)

This is one I wished I had started doing ions ago! Morning or night routines are not just for the creative Youtubers, they are for the every woman who likes to start the day or end it the right way. Waking up a few minutes earlier to meditate, prepare yourself a filling breakfast (or throw a few ingredients in the blender to concoct a nourishing smoothie), enjoy a warm cup of coffee in your bed, etc. can really affect the way your body and mind react to the rest of the day. Especially if you are a busy person, the morning is a good time to ensure you have a relaxing moment dedicated to your mental health (and the breakfast is a good way to take care of your physical health as well!) Night routines are good for pampering, lighting a candle, sipping hot tea, logging off all social media and taking the time to journal or grab the novel you bought last summer but never actually have time to read. Your sleep pattern will thank you later! You can do both, or choose which one fits your schedule better.

  1. Set specific time aside for doing something you love

When I was in highschool, I used up all my free time to do art: I drew, collages and would spend hours in the dollar store buying all sorts of furry and glittery accessories for my week-end crafty projects (sometimes jewelry boxes, sometimes scrapbooks, etc.) When I started college and university, I lost touch with my artsy side and did not realize how much it affected my mood. Sometimes, we glance at our agendas and realize that all the plans we have are activities we have to do. I want to encourage each and every reader to set aside some time to work on these personal projects or simply engage in their favorite activity (ex: starting a business plan for your start-up, writing a blog post, going to the library and picking a novel, signing up for a dance class, picking up an empty canvas and free paint, going to the gym, etc.) Working on personal projects offers hope that your present hard work is leading to something more concrete in the future and allows you to keep yourself accountable for your own success. Spending some time doing something you love keeps you grounded and gives you a balance.