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How to Stay Fit and Healthy as a College Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

Over the summer, I joined CorePower Yoga in the South Loop, and my entire world changed. Not only did I look forward to the hot yoga sessions and classes taught by an amazing staff, I felt a strength in myself I had never felt before; and that strength and motivation transitioned into my everyday habits.

Before I knew it, working out again became a top priority and eating right did too. However, after going back to school full-time and working at my internship I quickly (and sadly) realized how I could no longer afford the membership or make the time on top of my work.

So, I’ve carefully curated a way to stay fit and healthy on a budget and in a timely-fashion for my fellow struggling college students. Here’s some ways to keep healthy habits alive and doable with a busy schedule.

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

Adriene Mishler is my favorite yogi to watch on YouTube, and I’ve been watching her for years. She starts from beginners classes all the way up to intense workout sessions, and it’s all for free! You’ll quickly love Adriene’s style and surprise yourself at how soon you begin to incorporate her breathing exercises into your daily lifestyle. Her videos are also usually around 20-30 minutes, so it can certainly be worked into that busy schedule of yours!

Incorporate weights into your practice.

I started using weights in the Yoga Sculpt class at CorePower and there’s no going back! I really only use the mini five-pound weights, but hey at least it’s something. You can buy two weights at Target for $8.99 each. Here’s a video you can watch by another YouTube yogi, Yoga with Kassandra, to give you a head start on how to bring the weights in for a more intense work-out.

Make some smoothies.

All I use when making smoothies, whether it be in the morning for breakfast or before a workout, is one banana, a handful of strawberries, a handful of blueberries, and almond milk. Mix it all together in a blender, and you have a filling and inexpensive smoothie to keep you energized.

Choose rice over pasta!

I buy those GIANT Instant White Rice boxes for only around $5.00 that literally last me for months at a time and it’s so easy to cook! Just boil some water, add the rice and wait 5-minutes and your set. I like to add either salmon, chicken or broccoli and some soy sauce/hot sauce for flavor. It’s a quick and filling option where you simply cannot go wrong.

Make a workout sheet!

I’m currently in the process of making one of my own. Write down a list of all you want to work out during the practice. For instance, if you choose to add mountain climbers to your workout, write down how many you want to achieve next to it. If you add planks to your list, write down the seconds you want to hold it for. Writing down numbers can help you hold yourself accountable  so you don’t give up too quickly during your workouts.

At home workouts can be much easier and cheaper than joining a gym, and eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank! I hope these tips and tricks can take the pressure of time and money off of your already busy schedules.

Olivia Deloian

Columbia Chicago '20

My name is Olivia Deloian and I'm a journalism major at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in News and Features. I'll be graduating in May! I'm currently a production intern with ABC 7's show Windy City Live! A former intern with ABC 7's Consumer I-Team, and NBC 5 Chicago's Investigative Team. I'm also a former staff reporter and editorial leader at the Columbia Chronicle. I have a passion for writing and telling important stories. I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista, and I could spend all day talking about music and movies, and of course The Bachelor. Ask me what I'm listening to today. "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness." -Lana Del Rey