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5 Ways to Deal With Stress for Finals Week

It’s the home stretch –just a few more tests and projects to go and then we’re free for winter break! This time is jam-packed with work, though, and can be incredibly overwhelming. Here are 5 ways to help you maintain a healthy mindset while getting your workload done!


1. Exercise

Exercise is known for its health benefits physically, but it can also help you mentally. Whether its lifting weights or just taking some time for a walk, exercise is a great way to reset your mind so you can focus better on your work.


2. Meditation

This doesn’t mean just sitting down and humming ominously like movies depict. This means doing something that gives you time and space to simply exist in the moment –to detach from your surroundings so you can have more energy to focus on them later. It’s about finding your happy place –whether it’s exercising, drawing a picture, or just sitting with your thoughts for a while.


3. Talk to A Friend

No one wants to be that person that always complains that they have too much going on, but when you’re dealing with a large workload, talking to someone an really help put things into perspective. Find a friend who understands what you’re going through –they’re in large supply during finals week– and talk to them about it. They may have some other tips for you or find it helpful for themselves to know they aren’t alone.


4. Say “No”

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything we can and to make the most of college. And sometimes, that means we over exert ourselves trying to manage everything. It’s okay to miss that last club meeting or tell a friend you can’t make it to watch that movie if it means you have more time to do your work or study. You need to figure out what works for you, and during finals week, it can be easy to forget that.


5. Rest

Hearing that you need to rest can get pretty tiring after a while. But it really is important during Finals Week especially to get your rest. Studying and working is never more important than your health. And when you rest, you can be more energized when you take that test or work on that project. 


Good luck to everyone struggling with their workload and stress right now, you got this!

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