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5 Ways to Improve Mental Health in College

We are all aware the college is filled with a ton of stress. Between constantly studying for exams, completing homework, and writing essays, we often forget to take care of ourselves the way we should. I know that our grades and education are very important to us, but having good mental health and taking care of ourselves is also very important and could help waken you up throughout the day and even improve your concentration when doing course work.

With that being said, please sit down, relax, and read these 5 ways to improve your mental health in college! 

  1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep It is difficult to get the right amount of sleep when all you want to do is stay up and hang out with your friends every day of the week, but lack of sleep can affect how you feel in many negative ways. I know that when I stay up late and have to go to class in the morning, I feel so groggy and I have complete lack of motivation. Getting the proper amount of sleep can be beneficial to your body and mind! 
  2. Create a healthy diet Although it is especially hard to eat healthy in college when you have tons of cheap, greasy foods to snatch when you are running late or plenty of hidden sweets to snack on when you are anxiously trying to complete an assignment or study for an exam, changing your diet to healthier alternatives can make a huge difference in your overall mood.   
  3. Exercise I am sure you are reading these and laughing at me, who wants to exercise am I right? Even though it may take some motivation to get ourselves to go to the gym, exercising gives you more and more energy and will also make you feel a whole lot better throughout the day.   
  4. Meditate Going along with exercising, meditation is a great way to relax and improve your mental health. Yoga is a perfect way to balance your mind and clear out some negative energy I am sure we all have especially in college.  
  5. Talk to someone Whether it is with a college counselor of just a good friend, talk to someone and let out some concerns you may be having. Being stressed is common in college, but talking to someone can help clear your mind of some issues and in time improve your mental health! 

I hope that you consider these ways to improve your mental health while in college and also share along with your friends! 

Have a great day and happy life! 

Clarion University '18.
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