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Adventuring at the Arnold Sports Festival

As somebody who has very recently dipped my foot into the world of bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio was a very unique and fun experience. To start off and to understand my perspective of the expo, I would say that I work out a decent amount (about 5 times a week), eat pretty ok (minus the occasional sleeve of cookies), and I have some muscle mass.

I am telling you this because I was afraid of going to an expo where everybody would be fit and beautiful.

And there was a good majority of people who were beautiful.

They were everything you could ever expect. Fit, attractive, stylish. But one surprising thing is that I did not feel in any way lesser than these athletes. I felt inspired. Seeing people so passionate, and dedicating their entire lives to something is so inspirational. To be honest, I originally went to the Arnold for all the free stuff and dietary supplements to try out. But I honestly didn’t get that much because I was too excited to actually meet these people that I look up to. It is so weird to see somebody who is always on your Instagram page in real life. It is also weird when these humans are just average normal people. Never in my life would I have ever stood in a line for 2 hours to meet somebody, but I did and it was worth it. I was in awe when talking to these people.

Moving on to the events. There were plenty of events going on at the same time. There was ax throwing, table tennis, pole fitness, para athletic events, and the infamous bodybuilding competition. It was cool to see these athletes in action.

Overall, the event was very crowded. Filled with all different types of people, from those who dedicate their life to fitness to those who simply admire and look up to the athletes. I think it is something everybody should experience in their life, even if they are not into fitness. It was a great experience and definitely motivated me to live a healthier and better life.


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