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Take on Midterms

It’s getting to the point in the semester where assignments are piling up and all tests seem to be scheduled within the same week. As much as we like to repress the thought, midterms are around the corner. We can ignore them all we want, but the reality is that we still have to take them and we should prepare for them. Everyone has different ways to study but here are a few ways that help me prepare.

1. Study with a classmate or friend:

Pair up with someone in your class or a friend who might be in a different section. Make study guides and compare them! I find it so helpful to explain concepts to someone else.Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

2. Make a study playlist:

Listening to music while I study, helps me relax and focus. It always makes me feel excited to sit and study while listening to a new playlist.Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

3. Keep your calendar updated:

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your responsibilities. I know that having to juggle so many things at once can lead to stress but writing it all down and checking things off of a to-do list is useful.

4. Meditate:

Taking time for yourself during such a stressful time is always key. Whether you take a few minutes to close your eyes and meditate or go out with friends, focusing on your personal health helps keep any anxiety and stress related problems from arising.Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

5. Go to Office Hours:

Asking for help or simple clarity from the person who will be testing your knowledge is always the way to go! Showing your professor your study guide and having them clear up any confusion is the best way to get rid of midterm stress!

None of us want to even acknowledge midterms but it is always a better idea to begin studying earlier rather than later. Take a step back and focus on what skills or habits help you prepare best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, most of the time others have the same questions. Good luck everyone!

Hi my name is Laura Reyes! I'm majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology at Cal Lutheran.
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