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In any college town, a city like Charleston especially, food is everywhere and free time is scarce. Temptation is everywhere when it comes to alcohol and Uber Eats. If you’re like me and the highlight of your day is eating, here are ways to eat healthy, eat a lot, but still keep the weight off.

WATER – Everyone says it, but drinking water can help erase the bloating from salty foods and cheat days. It also gives you better skin, more energy, can help with headaches, and other benefits for your body.

AVOID SUGAR – A little sugar here and there won’t kill you, but for some people, this is the main thing causing them to gain weight. Buy some Stevia and limit the sweets to once a week and I promise you’ll see a difference!

DON’T BUY PROCESSED FOODS – Even when food is advertised as a ‘health food’, it can still have tons of sugar, carbs, and harmful additives that contribute to weight gain. Switch this out for snacks that are high in fiber or find fruits and veggies you enjoy eating.

DRINK APPLE CIDER VINEGAR AND WATER – Put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or grapefruit juice (make sure it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners added) in water. Drink this right when you wake up, and maybe before lunch too. This boosts your metabolism, is good for digestion, and makes you feel less bloated. If you’re really sensitive maybe do a tablespoon once a day. But this concoction, and healthy eating, can help you keep the weight off even when you don’t have time to work out. 

ONLY SPLURGE ONCE A WEEK -Pick a day to treat yo’ self. I usually do it on Sunday’s. This way you can get your fix and it gives you a good reason to eat well for the rest of the week. 

TRY ADKINS – Adkins is a great way to lose a couple pounds. I’ve lost 20 lbs using this diet in the past. All you have to do is avoid sugar, pasta, bread, and other processed food and carbs.

ONLY EAT CARBS IN THE MORNING – Having some toast for breakfast gives you energy and gives you enough time to burn them off by the end of the day. Eating before bed is the worst thing you can do if you’re trying to keep weight off.

FIND A FUN WORKOUT CLASS – This is a great incentive to work out, and gives you an obligation to exercise. My favorite is PureBarre. It teaches you how to work out in an effective way, and because you’re paying, forces you to go to classes. Make some time to go to the gym for some cardio too.  It’ll make you feel healthier and motivated.




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