Go Plant-Based 2020

Happy New Year! It is now 2020, a time of growth, discovery, and a fresh start for the new decade. New Years Resolutions can affect every aspect of personal life, but one that keeps coming up in the new year is trying a plant-based diet, or the removal of some (if not all) animal products from consumption.

 This can be a huge step for some, or perhaps a somewhat simple transition from vegetarianism to veganism. Nonetheless, 2020 is the best time to go vegan or start cutting out animal products from your diet. Why?

First of all, we are surrounded by an entirely new market. There are vegan subsitutions for almost everything, including coffee creamers, cream cheeses, eggs, ice cream...  could go on forever. Beyond burgers and meat substitutes are being added everywhere, and are even being introduced in fast food restaurants. Accessibility to plant-based foods has literally never been easier. 

Not only has accessibility to vegan foods changed, so have attitudes and support for the diet. No longer are vegans really viewed as crazy extremists - most people choosing to eat plant-based are making the decision for their own health, for the environment, or for animals. "I'm going vegan just to annoy other people," said no vegan ever. And non-vegans (although not ALL non-vegans) understand this more now than at any time before. 

A plant-based diet, unsurprisingly, is better for you. It helps with blood sugar levels, lowers your risk of certain diseases, is it's own form of skincare, and may help you lose weight among many other things. It is better for the environment. It is better for the animals. It is better... yeah. It's really just better overall. 

There are no rules in plant-based law that say you have to completely cut out animal products overnight. This normally doesn't work, especially if you are transitioning from full omnivore to plant-based. It's all about baby steps, and even these make a difference. Start by using plant-based milk in your coffee instead of regular. Cut out red meat. Begin focusing on how much animal products you consume and how you can make small adjustments that result in big changes. Make sure you listen to your body as well.

If you're considering trying out a plant-based diet, don't be overwhelmed or scared. Start small and grow, just like all the yummy plants you're about to be eating. 

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