10 Body Positive Role Models Every Girl Should Have

The media is saturated with images that change our perception of the world, people, and our own bodies.  However, in a lot of cases, these images aren't positive when it comes to our bodies.  Some celebs, though, are trying to change this.  They're speaking out against negative self talk and negative ideas towards a woman's body.  They're changing the conversation and showing that everybody is beautiful and every body is great. 

1. Ronda Rousey 

Photo from Rousey's Instagram.

In and out out of the ring, Rousey dominates her career. She has a striking image and shows that women can be muscular, strong and perfectly happy about it. 

2. Simone Biles 

Photo from ABC News.

Besides being an Olympic gymnast, Biles illustrates for young girls that physical strength is valuable and height (since she's 4'9") is not an issue.

3. Ashley Graham

Photo from Perez Hilton.

A model for Lane Bryant with many significant achievments under her belt, Graham has redefined beautiful in the fashion world and shown women that they too can love their bodies.

4. Tess Holliday

Photo from giphy.

Like Graham, Holliday is a model known for breaking into the fashion industry against the odds and rocking it the whole time. 

5. Adele

Photo from Billboard.

Adele, with her focus on her music and personal life, presents a pleasing motto on body image: don't let it affect you. As she once told Huffingtonpost Style, "there's bigger issues going on in the world."

6. Mindy Kaling

Photo from giphy.

Mindy Kaling, from her books to her interviews, has always rebelled against the idea that women (or anyone) should value their looks over their intellect, skills or integrity. Amen to that!

7. Rebel Wilson

Photo from Giphy.

With comedy as her platform, Rebel breaks boundaries in the world of body image as she crusades for confidence for all people-- no matter their size. 

8. Amy Schumer

Photo from Vanity Fair.

Another comedienne with strong stance on body image, Schumer's funny stand up bits are laced with poignant messages on the issue of body positivity and that we should love our bodies because they're just awesome.

9. Beyoncé

Photo from Beyoncé's Instagram.

Although best known for her music, Beyoncé's fame has always been tinted with some kind of activism, from the black lives matter movement to body image. In any context, she slays the competition.

10. Kate Winslet 

Photo from Giphy.

Winslet, once considered not thin enough to play her role in, "Titanic," has powered through criticism and in doing so left a trail for other starlets to follow. The only perfect body is the one you have. 

These women are changing the body game and are the role models we need.  They're strong, empowered and most of all amazing individuals inside and out.  We are so proud to say that we look up to these amazing women.  HCXO