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5 Easy Ways to Ward off the Bucknell Plague

We all know how quickly the Bucknell Plague spreads. One day everyone’s fine, and the next, everyone’s coughing, sneezing, and blowing their nose. It may seem impossible to avoid, but here are a few of the ways you can beat the odds and stay healthy, even if the plague is sweeping campus!



Known as a “natural antibiotic,” garlic is a strong germ killer because it is a natural source of phytonutrients, and contains the compound allicin, which has medicinal properties. Mix it into your other foods, eat it on its own, or take it a supplement capsule to reap the benefits!



This dietary supplement is a flavored fizzy drink mix that contains Vitamin D, antioxidants, and other ingredients meant to support your immune system. With this flavored mix, your drink has nutritional value, and is tasty!



It’s said to prevent both colds and reduce the length of the cold. Although it’s available in liquid and capsule form, some studies have shown that the liquid form is more effective at targeting the mucous membrane in the back of the throat.



Adding moisture to your dorm room air is a super effective way to relieve congestion. This added moisture makes sure mucus in your nose and sinuses can flow and drain properly, instead of building up. If you really want to relieve the congestion, Vick’s offers a humidifier where you insert a Vick’s VapoPad. The VapoPad releases into the air along with the water vapor, targeting congestion even more powerfully.


Multivitamin Gummies:

This dietary supplement prevents you from developing deficiencies in your daily nutrition. Because they’re gummies, they tend to taste pretty good, and are an easy way to strengthen your immune system and prevent the common cold.

Olivia is a junior writer and VP Tech for Her Campus Bucknell. She loves being on the Her Campus team because it's a unique platform for college women to support one another. Outside of Her Campus, Olivia is obsessed with her Westie, a lover of all things coral, and a muffin fanatic.
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