Your Guide to Scoring Free Yoga Classes in Boston

I’m living my best metropolitan life. My schedule is the kind of busy that I thrive on— the kind of busy that Andrea Sachs, from The Devil Wears Prada, has to adjust to, or the kind of busy that I imagine any working woman in Manhattan experiences. I work ten hours a week, take five classes (and two discussion sections) and have club commitments anywhere between 4-7 hours a week.

I refuse to sacrifice my social life. I will never say no to a Newbury Street excursion, even if it’s on a random Wednesday night. This leaves me feeling burned out sometimes, since, after all, a girl can only sleep four hours a night for so many nights before it catches up to her. My solution of choice: yoga. It’s both therapeutic and a form of exercise. What could be better than remembering to actually breathe, letting go of all of your stressed energy, and burning calories?

Yoga is extremely popular in Boston, and its nonexistent price tag makes it that much better. Free self-care? Yes, please!

Read on for some programs and studies that offer free yoga lessons!

  1. 1. Vibram Boston

    Vibram, a shoe brand that pioneered toe shoes (I know, I know, but I’ve been told they’re comfortable), is conveniently located in West Campus for easy access to shoes, Thursday night yoga, and events/giveaways. My roommate and I went to their “Namaste in School” event, which featured a DJ, core-strengthening yoga, and catering by Life Alive (not to mention all the La Croix I could drink). I even won their giveaway and scored a free pair of shoes!

    The Thursday night yoga classes run from 6-7 p.m. and are taught by Effie Morgenstern, a local yoga instructor who emphasizes body weight-bearing exercises and cardio— perfect for yogis looking for more of a workout. Morgenstern walks around the entire room, offering hands-on adjustments for those who want it.

    The location itself, the Vibram Experience Center, offers some cool perks too. They provide the yoga mats, for example, so if you’re running from your last class to yoga there’s no need to lug around your yoga mat all day. They also offer all attendees a 25% discount off of Vibram shoes, which definitely have personality.

    RSVP available on Eventbrite.

  2. 2. Patagonia on Newbury Street

    There’s just something about doing yoga on Newbury Street that feels so metropolitan and bougie. Maybe it’s the ease of which you can get a crème brûlée from Trident immediately after or the fact that since you’re already there, it can’t hurt to swing by Madewell and Urban Outfitters. The location is so interesting— on your way back to campus, you can pick up some more Muji pens. If you venture out deeper down Newbury, you can find yourself amongst luxury brand frequenters and daydream of being one of them after college (is that just me?).

    Patagonia Yoga Tuesdays start around 7:30 p.m. and classes are taught by Ali Singer.

    Call to snag a reservation or visit here for more information. 

  3. 3. Marsh Chapel

    Hands down, Marsh Chapel is the most convenient and ideal location for any BU yogis. It’s not technically at Marsh Chapel, but rather Robinson Chapel, right behind it. The class is called “Mind, Body, and Spirit Yoga,” and it advertises a “vigorous vinyasa flow class” with emphasis on connecting with both yourself and the BU community.

    It’s held on Thursdays from 5:00–6:15 p.m., providing a smooth wind-down of the week and transition into Friday and the weekend. And it’s so close to everywhere on campus that you don’t have to debate with yourself whether or not taking the T is a financially justifiable decision.

  4. 4. The Outdoors...

    This isn’t really a location, but free yoga in Boston definitely peaks during the summer months. Numerous programs exist— Fit in the Fenway, The Esplanade Association’s Summer Fitness Series (Sunset Yoga by Sara DiVello is my personal favorite), Seaport Sweat, Sunday Yoga with Lululemon in Chestnut Hill (which continues through the month of September!), and more.

Next time you’re in the need of a study break or just want to engage in self-care, swing by a free yoga lesson! 


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