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It is hard to focus on ourselves when we are too hung up on external factors like school, work, friends, and family. However, it is crucial to remember that practicing self-compassion is essential for cultivating healthy mental well-being. We cannot fully consider the things around us if we do not take care of ourselves first. Here are some tips on ways to easily practice daily self-compassion.

practice positive self talk

It’s common for humans to talk negatively about themselves, however, it subconsciously increases our levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. In this vein, it’s important that we uplift ourselves, especially through our inner dialogue. So try to start and end your day by saying positive affirmations. And throughout the day, when you’re noticing negative self-talk, deliberately replace it with positive.

set boundaries

You are allowed to say no, and you never owe anyone an explanation. Identify a boundary you need to set today, whether it be going to bed early or saying no to an extra assignment at work. As difficult as this may be, stick to it to prioritize your well-being.

Set realistic expectations

We can only do so much as humans, and it’s easy for us to get away with this, assuming that we can jeopardize our sleep and mental health to push through for one more task or assignment. However, this can be incredibly harmful. When making your to-do list, take a moment to prioritize specific tasks and realistically set your goals for what you can accomplish for the day. If you don’t get everything done, remember tomorrow is another day to achieve your goals.

movement and mindfulness

A mindful movement practice such as yoga, meditation, or walking is an effective way to nurture your body and mind. Engage in mindful practice, focusing on the purpose of using the action as a way to honor yourself and show kindness inwardly without judgment or need for limitations.

celebrate small victories

Whether you finished a 10-minute task or ticked one small item on your to-do list, acknowledge and celebrate your achievements. It’s important to recognize our efforts and show gratitude to ourselves for showing up.

do something that makes you happy every day

Make some time during your daily routine to do things that bring you joy. This could range from taking a moment to spend time with loved ones, listening to music, watching a show, or getting a sweet treat. Prioritize your happiness and make time to show yourself some appreciation.

make sure to incorporate self-compassion into your daily routine!

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Kaylie Tan is a newly joined member of BU Her Campus’s PR and Marketing Committee. Tan likes to cover topics related to mental health and wellness, more specifically these topics oriented around navigating college life. Other topics of her interest include beauty, fashion, and skincare. Kaylie is a freshman at Boston University, pursuing a major in psychology with a minor in advertising. Beyond Her Campus, she works on the digital media team at BU’s branch of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). In PRSSA, Tan gains experience among her team members, running the club’s social media on various platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Moreover, she is part of BU’s Mind and Brain Society, a conversational and resourceful network for neuroscience and psychology majors. She has also recently accepted a position as a research laboratory assistant at BU’s Sexual Reproductive, and Mental Health Disparities Program within the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. The laboratory aims to reduce mental health barriers that negatively affect sexual and reproductive health for marginalized communities both domestically and internationally. In high school, Tan was likewise an active member in her community hosting many roles including but not limited to being a tour guide, school newspaper writer, and a residential assistant. In her free time outside school, Tan enjoys striving for balance through weekly pilates, yoga, and spin classes. She also enjoys being around her close friends and is excited to make more by being a part of such a motivational and passionate platform like Her Campus!