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My First Week Trying a Keto Diet — My Honest Opinion of the Experience

As the weather here in Boston finally begins to clear up, the inescapable doom of “bikini body” season comes rolling in bringing the rush to begin shedding off my freshman 15 with it. I am super lazy when it comes to dieting, and I also love bacon, so I decided to try a keto diet.


What is a Keto Diet?
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The gist of a keto diet is to avoid carbohydrates, which are mainly found in sugary foods, pasta, and bread. Instead, you are to eat foods containing fats, such as meat, cheese, and eggs. While we have been constantly told that fats are detrimental to our health, natural fats are actually incredibly important for our bodies. When your body intakes more fats than it does carbohydrates, it forces your body to use ketones rather than glucose as a source of energy. This causes your blood sugar to stabilize and the levels of the fat-storing hormone insulin to drop, thus increasing fat burning. However, if you have a high blood pressure, take insulin for diabetes, or are breast-feeding, a keto diet is not for you, as carbohydrates are necessary for your health.

My Favorite Keto Foods
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When beginning a keto diet, avocados and eggs are your best friends. While I love avocado toast, slicing up an avocado and sprinkling it with everything bagel seasoning still gets the job done. Instead of eating potato chips, I began eating nuts such as pistachios and cashews as a midday snack. When it came time to eat dinner, I went to the dining hall and found anything containing meat and vegetables. I found it hard to avoid sugary desserts, and even avoiding fruits, however some berries are okay to eat while on a keto diet.

My Opinion

After my first week on a keto diet I have definitely felt much less bloated. I have found that this is a relatively easy diet to follow, as most of my favorite foods are keto-friendly. It is a little challenging to follow while on a college meal plan, but I am sure it will get easier as time goes on.

If you are interested in starting a keto diet, I found this website super helpful for getting started!

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Originally from NYC, Allie Longworth is a current freshman at Boston University studying Health Science in hopes of one day becoming a nurse. Her hobbies include arts and crafts, marine biology, and cooking.
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