How to Get Motivated for the Spring Semester

Spring semester is actually the perfect opportunity for a mid-school year fresh start. You can reevaluate your goals, assess your college progress, and decide what your next step is. Here are a few ways to achieve your spring semester greatness! 


1. Make the city your own 

Make a list of places you want to visit in your city! Wander around the harbor, venture into interesting art exhibits, go shopping somewhere new, and visit new neighborhoods. Get out of your college bubble and take some friends along with you to make things even more fun! It might be scary to figure out how to work the T, but I promise it’s worth it.


2. Get excited about your classes

What about your new professor interests you? Did they publish a groundbreaking book about a subject that you’re passionate about? Do they have really amazing ratings on the feedback they provide about assignments? What class are you really looking forward to? Are you taking it just to fulfill requirements, or can you think of a way it will help you achieve some of your learning goals? For instance, I’m not excited for my writing course in communication, but I’m taking a course on American Politics and I can’t wait to finally understand how Congress works because as an international student, it makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m also taking another writing course to fulfill the General Education requirements, but I’m really curious as to what writing a research paper will teach me.  


3. Join new clubs and organizations 

Out with the old, in with the new! Are you interested in working a new job? Did a club draw your attention in the Fall? Is there something that didn’t fit in your schedule or that scared you before that you would like to try now? Spring Semester is the perfect time to do that! Leave the clubs that drain your energy and leave you unsatisfied and take part in new activities that actually give you purpose!


4. Build your personal confidence! 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

As new opportunities arise, it’s important to feel prepared to take on challenges. To build your confidence, buy a new outfit, smile at yourself in the mirror, try new makeup looks, step away from your signature shoes, get a haircut. Physical appearance is far from being everything, but feeling comfortable with yourself is crucial to approaching the new semester with serenity.  


5. Clean and decorate your room 

A change of scenery can be really beneficial to your mood. As Spring semester begins, it’s time to say goodbye to your Christmas decorations and start putting up new pictures or installing shiny furniture. You can also organize your old things to make your dorm more functional. 


These are a few tips that can help you achieve the best semester yet – lets start off on the right foot! Good luck Terriers! 


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