How to Avoid FitRec Intimidation

I have never been a person who loves going to the gym, or someone who is good at getting in a regular routine of going, but I do have some tips that I use to make FitRec a less intimidating place to go.


1. Find a Secluded Spot

Depending on what time you go, FitRec can be extremely crowded and it is often difficult to find somewhere to work out. I personally don’t like being around a lot of people when I work out, so I usually try to avoid the very busy rooms and go to spaces that are more isolated. If you go to the top floor, there are equipment and mats that you can use alongside the track. There are usually not that many people up there, so in my opinion it is a nice place to work out.


2. Use a YouTube Guide

Even though there are some people who intensely go to the gym and always know what they are doing, you aren’t the only one who doesn’t have a specific or intense routine. I usually find an open mat and watch YouTube videos that walk me through workouts because, without them, I would have no idea what exercises to do or how long to do them for.


3. Go at an Unusual Time

When FitRec is extremely busy and crowded, it can be a frustrating experience. FitRec is typically busy around or before dinner time so, if you have space in your schedule, I would suggest going at an earlier time. This will help you avoid waiting to use machines and equipment, and allow you to have more space and freedom while you are working out.


4. Just go In and Out

Don’t feel as though you have to spend hours and hours at the gym working out everything super intensely. I used to feel like, if I were going to the gym, then I had to stay there for at least an hour and a half and get an intense workout in. Now I go in, do anything and everything that I want to get done, and then leave. Sometimes I spend just 30 to 45 minutes doing some basic exercises. Especially when I am extremely busy and tired, this tip motivates me to go because I don’t get discouraged by a big or long workout, but I am still doing some exercise.


5. Treat Yourself Afterwards

I have started getting one of the smoothies in FitRec after my workouts and this gives me motivation to go because I rarely get to have smoothies otherwise. A healthy treat or snack after your workout is a really good incentive to go to the gym.


I hope that these little tips and tricks were helpful and that FitRec’s intimidation no longer discourages you from going to work out!


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