3 Fitness Youtubers That Will Get You Inspired

We all know that getting to the gym is tough. What if you didn’t have to get in a car or on a bus or bike to go work out?

I’m of the opinion that the best place to workout is your own home. Whether you have a whole house to yourself or just a room, thanks to Youtube, you barely have to leave your bed to get moving. 


When you’re working out with a Youtube video, you have a lot more freedom than you do at a regular gym. You can pause if you need to warm up more or take a breather—and you can avoid seeing other people :D

Here are some of my favorite Youtubers in the fitness community. You may have heard of some of them, but I think I’ve included a few that have flown under the radar. Check out their channels if you’re interested in working out in your own space and on your own time. 

P.S. If you aren’t interested in working out and never will be, you do you! You and your body are perfect.


  1. 1. Jessica Smith - jessicasmithtv

    I’ve been working out with Jessica’s videos for years. I think her barre workouts are the best on Youtube. The routines are easy to follow, really work up a sweat and help me fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a ballerina.

  2. 2. Cassey Ho - blogilates

    Blogilates is one of the most popular fitness channels on Youtube. Cassey has great energy and knows how to make you feel the burn. If you haven’t seen her videos before or are just starting to work out, I recommend checking out her song challenges. They’re short and sweet and get the job done.

  3. POPSUGAR always comes up in my search when I’m looking to switch up my workouts. They feature trendy guest fitness instructors like Simone de la Rue (of Body by Simone) whose classes would cost you hundreds of dollars to take.