What Time do you Call this?: Sleeping in for Wellness' Sake

The lie in, possibly the easiest and most powerful home-made remedy for the common stresses of student life; the perfect procrastination. The feeling of being eased into a balmy state of consciousness, the late morning sun seeping into your room whilst you, ensconced in masses of duvet begin to stir, unfazed by looming deadlines.

Unlike your health conscious-protein-shaking-jogging-gym-loving-early riser flatmate, who swears by a 6am start and something involving avocado and turmeric to really get the brain in gear, you choose to repair your neurones through the well-earned and defiant smashing of the snooze button. Yes, in those Pinterest boards and wellness blogs, it seems to be that the harsher we are on ourselves and the further we push our bodies, the prouder we should feel. We are constantly faced with rose tinted morning regimes posted by wealthy influencers and celebrities and guilted into a constant state of productivity. 

Don’t get me wrong, sleeping in every morning and throwing away the best part of the day will probably create more stresses then solve them, but the odd late morning can refresh and perfectly demonstrate a balanced lifestyle. The point of wellness is defeated when we cut out all the simple pleasures in life and refuse to be kind to ourselves, especially with exams on the horizon. Let’s take the time to indulge in something effortlessly curative.

It’s true what they say, the best things in life are indeed free.