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Whether you’re working, taking classes, or just enjoying time with family, winter break can be the perfect time to take a well deserved “break” and destress. Here are some easy ways to destress and take a mental break before the next semester begins!


I love journaling! It is the perfect way to get your thoughts on paper and expel anything that is occupying space in your mind. Whether you’re just recounting events that happened in your day, venting about something that made you upset or angry, or trying to organize your thoughts on paper, journaling is a great way to look back on your experiences and how you have grown as a person. If you find journaling difficult, you can even find prompts online to help guide you on what to write about!

Go to the library

Going to the library is also a great way to destress and busy yourself over break. The library has so many different activities. You can volunteer within your community, learn a new skill, or pick up a new book you’ve been dying to read. For example, I just put a book on hold that my friend recommended to me, and I saw that my library is offering free, virtual classes teaching American Sign Language that I might check out over break! Take advantage of what your library has to offer and check it out one afternoon!


Baking is also another great way to destress. Baking is super fun because you can decide exactly what you create, personalize it however you like, and recruit your friends and family to join in on the fun. Baking is also perfect during winter break because everyone loves baked goods during the holiday season!

Go outside

Before we get too much snow on the ground, make sure you get outside this break! This can be something as small as walking your dog or something as big as going on a hike with friends and family. Recently, I’ve loved going on runs around my neighborhood and I’ve also been eyeing some hiking trails to check out with my mom. Fresh air is good for the soul and perfect during the age of COVID, so bundle up and get outside!


Finally, meditation is one of the best strategies to destress. You don’t have to be an expert to meditate. Apps like Calm and Breethe have great recordings to meditate to (even for beginners). The Netflix series Headspace also has great options for meditation techniques that help increase mindfulness. Meditation can seem daunting, but winter break can be the perfect time to try something new!

Which “destressing” technique are you going to try in these last few weeks of break?

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