Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care at Bentley: in Collaboration with HC Boston College


This article is made in collaboration between Her Campus Bentley and Her Campus Boston College.


With the stress of impending midterms, hearing back from prospective internships, and the looming dreariness of cloudy winter weather, it’s easy to feel as though you’re in a rut this time of year. Keep in mind that it’s completely normal to feel somber and even uneasy at times—but with the right attitude, you can combat it. Here are some of our favorite tips for easily boosting your mood and giving yourself some much-needed TLC as a Bentley student…


Lie out on the green space.

Whether you’re relaxing with friends, reading a book, or practicing meditation, the green spaces throughout campus are our go-to spots—especially during the unexpectedly beautiful weather we’re having throughout this week. Take some time in between classes to grab a smoothie from LaCava and head to the greens for some well-deserved R&R in the sunshine.


Visit the therapy dogs, Echo and Kodiak!

Stay on the lookout for forthcoming emails about Echo and Kodiak coming to campus! If you’re missing the comfort of your dog back at home, Bentley’s therapy dogs can always come to the rescue with their perpetual affection and energy. 


Take advantage of on-campus events.

This past weekend we enjoyed CAB’s annual Winter Comedy Show featuring Wayne Brady, and this Thursday SP&E will be hosting their annual Winterfest! It’s always great to spend time with your pals, get some laughs, and accrue fun freebies along the way. With so many awesome events happening across campus practically every week, becoming a part of the happenings with your friends is a great way to feel more at home with our Bentley community.


Reach out to your loved ones.

Feeling stressed-out can also leave you feeling rather isolated from those around you. It’s always important to remember that you have a strong network of supportive loved ones—many of whom have probably felt the exact same way that you are right now. Give your family a call home or have a venting session with your Bentley BFFs to be reminded of the fact that people love you and are here for you. You’ll get by with a little help from your friends.


Get off campus.

Love Bentley as we may, the closed campus can sometimes feel confining. Fortunately, the Harvard Square shuttle runs so frequently that the whole world around our campus is easily at our disposal. Whether it’s going into Boston or just taking a Zipcar to get some groceries, getting off campus to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective is important when taking a step back from our stress as a college student.

Send it forward!

Helping others through small acts of kindness is a proven mood-booster; when you can make someone else’s day even a little bit better, you’ll feel better too! You can swipe someone who doesn’t have a meal plan into Seasons, offer to drive someone to Upper to avoid the Smith Stairs, or even just hold the door open for someone else and smile. Small gestures like these can make a big difference in someone’s day—and trust us, you’ll feel uplifted after having done so!


How do you treat yo’ self and practice self-care at Bentley? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out Her Campus BC’s article here!






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