Time to End Gluten-Free Judgement

Time to End Gluten-Free Judgement

Going gluten-free has become popular over the last few years, much to the (somewhat inexplicable) annoyance of many. In a backlash, it has been stated over and over again that if you’ve not been diagnosed with celiac, then there is no need to avoid gluten. This has led to a fad-annoyance at those who are not celiac, but avoid gluten anyway. But it’s time to talk about this, because for those people who are avoiding gluten for whatever reason, this has become more than just a bugbear.


Some people just don’t want to eat gluten. That’s fair enough, and should be enough of a reason not to be judged. If someone’s eating habits doesn’t personally affect you (and why would they?), then there is no point getting frustrated about it. Consider it the same as when people choose substitute milk or a reduced-sugar option. Some people can’t eat certain foods and so avoid them, but some people choose not to. There’s no point in getting annoyed about it when it has no impact on your life.


Although many have said that if you’re not diagnosed celiac then there’s no point avoiding gluten, there is such a thing as non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity (NCGS). Although there is no immune response as there is in celiac, eating gluten/wheat still leads to many of the same symptoms, some less pleasant than others. In these cases, gluten doesn’t need to be excluded entirely from the diet, but should be cut down to a minimum, and how you much you eat probably depends on you as a person. This can lead to buying a mix of gluten-free and wheat-based foods, prompting people to assume you’re on a fad diet. Many people with NCGS are just eating this way to feel well. However, even if you are on a fad diet, or choosing for other reasons not to eat gluten, there shouldn’t be any stigma or judgement around it.  


If it’s not hurting you or anyone else, there’s no need to comment on, or judge, other people for what they exclude from their diet, voluntarily or not.

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