Gym Class Motivation

Gym Class Motivation


I have always joined the gym with the intention of going multiple times a week and gaining a body that even Kendall Jenner would be envious of. But, as the weeks go on, I run out of time and motivation and all my dreams of having the perfect figure disappear.

As I enter the last year of my studies, I realise how much time I will spend sitting reading, typing and basically doing no physical activity. The dreaded weight gain that hits so many students in their final year loomed over me, and I decided that I needed to find the motivation to hit the gym once again and actually stick to a routine.

I joined Pure Gym and booked my first gym class, Aerobics, described as an energetic and upbeat workout which would leave me sweaty. I thought the mixture of music and a routine would trick my body into thinking it wasn’t doing a workout, but I was wrong. The next day my body ached and simple tasks seemed to take so much more effort than usual.  Although the class was intense and non-stop, it was fun and I felt as if I had a good workout and burned off the Dominos Pizza I had eaten the night before.

Not only was I struck by how capable I was of following the routine for a solid 45 minutes and being able to do the exercises, I was surprised by how nervous I was before the class. Standing, waiting for the class to begin, my lycra leggings exposing every lump and bump, I felt as if everyone could tell I wasn’t in the best of shape and didn’t go to the gym on a regular basis. I suddenly felt very vulnerable and worried how I was going to cope with the intensity of the class. But, as I looked around the class whilst I was doing a plank halfway through, I realised that everyone looked the same; red faced, dripping with sweat and out of breath.  Even the women I thought were of athlete fitness before the class started were huffing and puffing.

The truth is that everyone has to start somewhere. I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and putting myself down. After that class however, I left feeling invigorated and confident, the latter something I never thought I’d feel inside of a gym. I am excited to try new classes and find something that work for me. If you’re nervous about going to a class or just heading to the gym, try and find a ‘buddy’ who can go with you. Sometimes moral support is all you need to get started. 


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