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These Party Games Are Perfect For Large Group Game Nights

Going to parties while you’re in college can be lots of fun, whether that means themed parties like the Rhyme Without Reason trend or a more traditional kickback. But while some college students love the party scene, others may struggle with anxiety, and the college party scene may not be for them. Even if you’re going with your friends, parties provide an opportunity to meet new people and make conversation. That may not be easy for everyone, though — and that’s where party games for large groups come in to save the day.

Hosting game nights are an exciting and low-stress way to have fun while being able to introduce yourself to new and cool games like the Powerpoint Night trend that went viral on TikTok. But if public speaking in front of a bunch of people isn’t your idea of a good time, there are always classics to fall back on like card games, board games, and more. Here are some fun and cool party games to play with your friends — and strangers! — on game night that will hopefully have you laughing by the end.

Truth or Dare

You’ve almost definitely heard of this one: This iconic old game is perfect for every party! Truth or Dare gives you the ability to share more about yourself, or learn more about your friends. You can even end up doing dares that are pretty creative and silly for the whole group to laugh about, making memories for years to come. If you’re stumped on what to ask during truth or dare, there are several prompts that can help you with asking questions, like, “Who was your first crush?” or, “What is one of your biggest regrets?”

Apples to Apples ($23)

The Apples to Apples Game is a fun game to match nouns with adjectives. In this game, players have to match from their cards with an adjective that is chosen and pick out of their cards which relates the most. Unlike the similar game Cards Against Humanity (more on that later), this one is family-friendly, so it might be good to have in your game stash for family game nights, too.

Pass the Popcorn ($29)

For movie lovers, this game includes movies from every genre you’re interested in. From horror to action and even comedy, players have to guess the movie based on characters, quotes, casts, and stories. Any film guru who loves watching movies will find this a great game to play on game night.

What Do You Meme? ($12)

What Do You Meme? is the best for people who love anything about memes, entertainment, and pop culture. This game allows players to be creative and think of memes to create a funny meme. You can tap into viral memes and pop culture moments from 2023 like the Barbie movie and Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, making this great for any Gen Zer who wants to make a funny meme about the latest trend or topic that’s going viral.

Clue ($10)

This is a game that is designed to replicate a murder mystery. It’s a board game where players learn to figure out who murdered Mr. Boddy of Tudor Mansion. Players have to look into other clues as to who, what, when, and where in the mansion did the murder take place. If you’re a fan of Only Murders in the Building or the Knives Out franchise, you’ll get a kick out of this one.

Never Have I Ever

No, I’m not talking about the Netflix show. This game is similar to Truth or Dare, except players get to reveal some of the most shocking things they’ve ever done. Never Have I Ever can range from prompts like “never have I ever gone on vacation” to “never have I ever broken a bone,” if you want to keep the vibes pretty tame, or even toss in more NSFW prompts, if your group is feeling daring.

20 Questions

When you’re looking to find out more about people or fun facts about someone, this is the perfect game. In this game, a player pretends to be either a person, place, or thing. The rest of the players then have to guess what that thing is by asking yes or no questions. Whoever guesses correctly becomes the next person to pretend to be something. This game is great for people who want to get out of their comfort zone or test their skills in trivia and what they know about other subjects in entertainment, media, politics, or history.

Cards Against Humanity ($29)

Any college party should make sure to have this game! It’s fun for everyone, where one player picks a card and all of the players have to use their cards to put in how to end the phrase or sentence. Most of the cards involve funny, gross, and NSFW scenarios, so make sure everyone playing is cool with that, but it’s a surefire way to have the whole group laughing.

Taboo ($25)

This is a word guessing game where players have to figure out what the secret word is. Each card has the word, and then there are five “taboo” words that the clue giver is not allowed to say out loud. Players have to guess what word it is with only verbal clues, so Taboo is definitely a challenge for quick thinkers.

Jenga ($17)

Jenga is great for people who love to problem-solve. In this game, you have to use 54 wooden blocks to make a tower. The tricky part is making sure that tower stays and doesn’t collapse as you remove one block at a time. Players use their critical thinking skills to work together in making sure the blocks stay on the tower. Be prepared — it might surprise you just how heated some people can get over wooden blocks!

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