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20 Costume Ideas For Your Next Rhyme Without Reason Party

I don’t know about you, but college parties don’t get a lot of points for originality. Sure, the Euphoria-themed parties were fun, but after my second or third time splattering glitter all over my face… I was kind of over it. And don’t even get me started on those same seven frat party themes that have been repeated over and over again — consider me tired. However, a new party theme has taken over TikTok: the “Rhyme Without Reason” party. A fun twist on your typical costume party, a Rhyme Without Reason theme, simply, is where you and your date dress up as two things that rhyme — bonus points if it makes zero sense.

These costumes can be perfect for a Halloween couple’s costume, but given the popularity of the trend, you might find yourself at a Rhyme Without Reason party sooner rather than later. Here are just a few of our favorite funny, goofy, and downright outrageous Rhyme Without Reason pairs we love and want to see on TikTok ASAP, please. If you have any wild and wacky Rhyme Without Reason costume pairings, make sure to share them with Her Campus on social media because we are obsessed and want to see them, pretty please! 

Mermaid + First Aid

This one is easy and cute! For the mermaid look, all you’d need is a makeshift seashell bra and some glittery pants, or a sequin skirt. As for first aid, grab a simple shirt with the Red Cross logo. It’s that easy.

Mr. Worldwide + Corpse Bride

For the goofy duos, a Tim Burton-Pitbull crossover is the stuff of legend.

Finance Bro + Ho Ho Ho

Just picturing someone clad in a Patagonia vest next to someone in a Santa Claus costume is simply perfection.

Dad + Chad

Grab your polos and visors, besties: it’s time to dress up as the stereotypical soccer dad. As for Chad, you can get clever with the “Anti-Hero” music video, or just simply dress up in your finest frat boy garb.

Bikini + Linguini

It’s not summer, but you can rock your fave ‘kini during any season. Pair your summer costume with the star of Ratatouille, Chef Linguini. Bonus points if you bring along a stuffed rat.

Hockey Player + Vampire Slayer

It’s as easy as a hockey jersey and a fake wooden stake.

Pro Athlete + Wall Street

Grab your old soccer jersey from high school and a soccer ball, and hit the town with your well-dressed, clean-cut, suited-up Wall Street partner.

Fairy + Harry

What’s more cute than a pair of glittery fairy wings and everyone’s favorite musician, Harry Styles?!


An excuse to wear your pajamas to a party? Sign me up. All your partner needs is a big set of headphones and some sunglasses.

Hannah Montana + Princess Diana

The best of both worlds! Channel your inner Disney Channel while your partner struts about in their hottest revenge dress.

Snooki + Rookie

Any Jersey Shore fans here? Grab a Bump-It and a cheetah print dress, while your partner wears a baseball jersey. This one is a home run, TBH.

Taylor Swift + Graveyard Shift

With Midnights out, there’s never been a better excuse to dress up as Blondie herself. While you rock some of the best looks from Midnights, your partner can dress up as a skeleton — preferably wearing an apron. Graveyard shift, get it?

The Rock + Electric Shock

Recreate the viral photo of The Rock with a simple turtleneck, chain necklace, and fanny pack. The complete the duo, your partner can tease up their hair as if they were just electrocuted — minorly, of course.

D*Ck In A Box + Megan Fox
Grid Paper
20th Century Fox

Remember the SNL sketch, D*ck In A Box? Pair the all-black suit (and box) with an iconic Jennifer’s Body look for a hilarious duo.

Old Money + Playboy Bunny

Break out the dark academia looks! Dress to impress and pair with your bunny-eared partner.

Clown + FLavorTown

Pennywise and Guy Fieri… need I say more?

Walk Of Shame + Hall Of Fame

For the Walk Of Shame, wear an oversized tee shirt, mess up your hair, and stumble in last night’s shoes. For Hall Of Fame, deck yourself out in all of the sports. memorabilia you got. This one’s iconic.

Traffic Cone + Post Malone

Dress up in all orange, or buy yourself a traffic cone suit. Then, head to the party with your partner — whose face is covered in (temporary) tattoos.

Lightning McQueen + MR. CLEAN

The bald cap is a must.

Shrek + Star Trek

Like ogres, this costume has layers. Grab some Shrek ears and a Star Trek tee shirt for a duo that’s out of this world (or swamp?).

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