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These TikTok Powerpoint Night Presentation Topics Are Hilarious

The winter season is tough when it comes to going out in college. Temperatures are brutal, and the last thing that you want to do is walk to your local frat or bar wearing a tube top. For the girlies who brave the winter weather and make the trek out, I admire you. But for the rest of us, a cozy night in with friends is just what we need after a stressful week. And now that it’s February, we also need some fun activities to take the Galentine’s party to the next level.

PowerPoint nights are one of the best bonding activities that you can do with friends in college. Not to mention it’s completely free and easy to host in a tiny dorm room. All you have to do is pick a topic and create a funny PowerPoint on it. For the media and design majors, it’s your time to shine. Pick a night during the week when everyone comes together with their presentations ready. Take turns presenting to your friends, and enjoy the chaos that unfolds. You can elevate your night by having some yummy food to go along with it. Spice it up with some drinks (or mocktails) too!

Which zodiac sign your friends should be.

Astrology girlies – it’s your time to shine with this topic courtesy of @bellamato on TikTok. We’re talking an in-depth analysis of their sun, moon, and rising based on their personality.

Which Disney villains your friends would hook up with and why.

Maleficent was an awakening for me. IYKYK.

What each of your friends would be arrested for.

Are we talking about illegally downloading movies online, or committing tax fraud? Depends on the friend.

What each of your friends’ roles would be in a heist.

Time to channel your inner Oceans 8. We need a getaway driver, a thief, a tech genius, and someone who’s just there for the vibes.

Which TikTokers your friends would date.

I’m obsessed with this idea from @bellamato. There are so many iconic creators to choose from.

Your friends’ red flags.

This topic is not for the weak – I’m far too sensitive, but if you and your friends have thick skin then go crazy.

TV shows each of your friends would be on.

You could take it back to the Disney channel roots or pick from popular shows like The White Lotus, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Ginny & Georgia, Stranger Things, and more. 

Guessing the rice purity scores of nickelodeon characters.

Whether it’s iCarly, Zoey 101, or Victorious, this is guaranteed to be a good time.

Reasons why a kidnapper would return each of your friends within two hours.

This topic is a huge crowd-pleaser, and you can get specific. For example, pestering the kidnapper to take them to a drive-thru.

Predicting your friends’ futures (but very specific).

Another amazing idea from @bellamato. You can include their job, if they’re married, if they have kids or pets, where they live, what their hobbies are, and so much more.

What you would do during The Purge.

As an introvert, I would be locked in my house like any other day of the week — but that’s just me. If you’ve got more creative answers then this topic is for you.

Your friends as Barbie movies.

Hot girls watched Princess and the Pauper, 12 Dancing Princesses, and the Magic of Pegasus.

Ranking how long your friends would survive the hunger games.

TikTok has revived all of our middle school hunger games obsessions, and I’m not mad about it. Your PowerPoint can decide which friend comes out on top.

Your friends as trader joe’s products.

This topic is very niche, but someone needs to be the cauliflower gnocchi of the friend group.

Put all your friends and their exes in a hunger games simulator and present it.

I didn’t know that I needed the online Hunger Games simulator until now. Choose 24 of your closest friends (or enemies) and present who comes out on top as your PowerPoint night topic.

Historical figures you would hook up with (but it gets progressively worse).

It’s embarrassing how many people immediately came to mind.

Your friends and their scandals if they were famous.

Make cancel culture work for you. There are so many recent scandals to choose from. 

Disney men I would not let hold my drink and why.

Some of these Disney princes can’t be trusted. Personally, I immediately thought of Hans from Frozen.

Go through each of your different eras and rate them.

TikTok users listed all of their “2022 eras” last month, creating a trend that amassed over 142 million views. It’s the perfect topic for a college PowerPoint night, especially if you list your “fall semester eras” as a little recap now that the spring semester is underway.

Celebrity couples who aren’t married but should be.

There are no rules, even if they’re already with someone else

What I would do as president (but unhinged).

Brought to you by @bellamato, we want to hear all of the chaotic policies on your agenda.

Which Taylor Swift ex would be each of your friends’ boyfriends.

This topic could single-handedly break up a friend group. It’s arguably one of the most controversial topics on this list, so tread lightly besties. 

Each of your friends’ starter packs.

Be as in-depth and niche as possible. Think: their drink of choice, clothes that they wear all the time, the lingo that they use, exes or situationships, anything that they’re known for in the friend group.

What I think the euphoria characters would order at the bar.

I just know that Cassie is a long island girlie.

Rating the messages I’ve received on tinder, but they get progressively worse.

People are so bold on dating apps, there’s plenty of material for us to work with.

What each of your friends’ weapon of choice would be during an apocalypse.

This one says a lot about a person, and we need an in-depth explanation for each friend.

Things that would send a victorian child into a coma.

We’re bringing it back to a popular TikTok trend, which has garnered 26 million views. You can even make it college-specific, like “Alabama things” or “Michigan things” that would send them into a coma (school spirit!).

Reality tv shows that each of your friends would thrive on.

Whether it’s Dance Moms, Love Island, or The Kardashians, this topic is guaranteed to be a good time.

Which Kardashian ex each of your friends are.

Jail for anyone who gets Tristan.

Which Disney stars would beat me in a fight.

I just know that Alex Russo and CeCe Jones would make me fold so quick.

Julia is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying Media and Professional Communications with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies. She loves to go thrifting, grab a coffee with friends, and go on walks with her dog!