Afraid of Going to the Gym? Get Free Audio Workouts For 30 Days

A trip to the gym almost always sounds like a good idea in theory, but working up a sweat in a public space—whether you’re surrounded by a group of friends or in a room full of strangers—can be intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the equipment or are unsure what kinds of workouts are most effective for you.

Maybe you’re looking to break free from your typical hour-on-the-treadmill routine, or maybe you just want some guidance when it comes to getting your sweat on. The good news is that MoveWith, a new fitness platform, is bringing Her Campus readers a special student plan of only $4.99/month—making it easier than ever to shake up your workouts, no matter where you are. You’ll even get 7 days free to try all audio classes!

MoveWith is a new platform that brings you audio workouts from the best instructors—from yoga, meditation, HIIT, strength-training, treadmill, pilates, indoor cycling, and more. That means you can access inspiring teachers, awesome playlists and new challenges for your body—without necessarily having to do it in front of a ton of other people.

Whether you’re in the gym, fitting in some holiday travel, or looking for a new instructor, MoveWith has you covered.