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The “Taylor Swift Put Travis Kelce On The Map” TikTok Trend Is Has Me Cackling

Swifties and hopeless romantics alike are probably still recovering from the events that went down on Sept. 24 aka the Taylor Swift showing up to a Kansas City Chiefs game to support her rumored new boo, Travis Kelce. Seriously, I’m still unwell. This pop sensation and football player crossover is the gift that keeps on giving. From Kelce’s post-game 1989 (Taylor’s Version) coded Easter egg outfit to the video of them driving off into the sunset, the blossoming relationship between Swift and Kelce is creating a frenzy on the internet and a new fandom of NFL Swifties. 

Though some NFL fans might argue this, Swift in her NFL era is bringing a lot of attention to the football league, and TikTok users seem to agree. The best part of this whole Kelce and Swift debacle might just be getting to trigger NFL fans with eight words: “Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map.” Here is the breakdown of the new TikTok trend that is causing a divide between Swifties and their NFL partners — I’m so here for it! 

In case you’re not an NFL fan, let me break down Kelce’s popularity in the football world. Kelce has become the It guy of the NFL, even before the Swift dating rumors. Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, which were the 2023 Superbowl champs. He is also an eight-time Pro-bowl player — the football equivalent of being nominated for a Grammy. 

Besides being a well-known football player, he is a total heartthrob. Kelce is among the NFL players that the internet loves to thirst over. Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, and Travis Kelce are the holy trinity. And I know you guys remember when he was trending to SZA’s “Big Boy” TikTok trend. So pre-Taylor Swift, Kelce was definitely a star of his own, but the effect the singer has on men is real. 

Anything Swift touches turns to gold. From selling out stadiums to increasing VMAs viewership thanks to her reactions, Swift is a phenomenon whose entourage of dedicated fans follow her wherever she goes — even if it’s NFL games. After Swifties spotted her at the Chiefs game cheering on Kelce, they were quick to turn the NFL into their own fandom. The NFL even changed their TikTok bio to “9/24/23. Taylor Swift was here.”  Kelce’s jerseys are now selling out left and right and he gained over 300,000 Instagram followers just 24 hours after the Swift appearance. So Swift may not have put him on the map, but the NFL will never be the same. Nonetheless, it’s still fun to poke at die-hard NFL and Kelce fans, especially in the latest TikTok trend. 

TikTok users are jokingly saying “Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map.” 

Swifties are taking this opportunity to commandeer the football space and sarcastically tell NFL fans that Taylor Swift changed the NFL game. In the latest TikTok trend, Swifties and fans of this relationship are telling their football-loving partners that Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map and the reactions are hilarious. 

Seriously, you would think you just said their favorite player is the worst player in history. 


As Bill Belichick said: “She’d be the biggest catch of his career” 🏈 🪩 🎤 #traviskelce #taylorswift #kansascitychiefs #romance #erastour

♬ original sound – Kaitlin S

NFL fans are stressed and offended, apparently. Jokes aside, this trend is all in good fun. It’s not often Swifties get to celebrate their favorite blondie dating someone who is lighthearted and complements her perfectly. Some would argue these A-listers are meant to be.  This is seriously like a scene out of a Booktok book.

So football fans, you’ can’ll have your platform back soon, but for now, let the Swifties have some fun. 

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