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Travis Kelce Was A Walking Easter Egg While Leaving The Chiefs Game With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is no stranger to leaving easter eggs for her new music on her outfits – and now, she’s introduced Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce to the art too. After a video of Swift and Kelce leaving the game on Sept. 24 spread on social media, eagle-eyed Swifties quickly found the blue and white suit that Kelce was wearing. The designer named this piece – you guessed it – the 1989 bedroom painting set. 

Of course, X (formerly known as Twitter) went into a frenzy over this. However, screenshots of the website taken at various times on Sunday confirmed that the name of the outfit Kelce was wearing was changed post-game – however, the 1989 coded color scheme of look is still noteworthy. Swift is set to drop 1989 (Taylor’s Version), a re-record of her fifth studio album, on Oct. 27. 

ICYMI, rumors that Swift might be dating the two-time Super Bowl champion have been spreading since  July 2023. After Swift played at the Chiefs’ own Arrowhead stadium on July 7-8, 2023 as part of her Eras Tour, Kelce admitted to his crush on her. He confessed to making a friendship bracelet with his number on it, which he hoped to give Swift, but was unable to while attending the concert. After the 2023 VMAs, sightings of the pair only fueled romance rumors. 

On Sept. 24, Swift sported Kansas City red – despite her lifelong support of the Philadelphia Eagles as a Pennsylvania native – while in the stands at the Chiefs game. (Side note: I can imagine how betrayed many East Coast Swifties must feel right now, especially given that “Eagles t-shirt” lyric from “gold rush.” But if Taylor Alison Swift is happy, then I am happy. That’s how it goes.)

ESPN cameras even caught Swift hanging out with Kelce’s mother in the VIP booth during the game. The multi-platinum singer celebrated Kelce’s 34-0 halftime lead against the Chicago Bears with an enthusiastic chest bump, screaming, “Let’s f*cking go!” Fellow Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes also expressed that he felt extra “pressure” to help his team score a touchdown, with the music industry herself in the stadium. “I think [Kelce] wanted to get in the end zone just as much as all the Swifties wanted him to,” he told reporter Erin Andrews. 

One would think that the events of this past weekend could bridge the gap between the football fans and Swifties – however, the opposite seemed to be the case. Several social media users expressed disapproval of Swift and Kelce, even though their relationship has yet to be confirmed or denied. Even Snowglobe Allie, founder of the popular Twitter game Swiftball, isn’t the biggest fan of this potential couple.

A few people pointed out that this negative energy resembled that of an overprotective dad acting judgmentally towards anyone his daughter brings home. Plus, only Swift and Kelce would have the full story of what’s going on between them – so it is not fans’ place to make these types of comments. 

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