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Cue The Tears: Travis Kelce Is Rumored To Be Cuffed

It’s Superbowl season and TikTok is ready… to thirst. While some of us out here are actually ready to watch the game (Go Birds!), others will be watching the Superbowl to gush over their new NFL crushes. I will be doing both. Hey, Jalen Hurts.

But with players this fine, it’s silly to assume that some of our NFL faves wouldn’t be cuffed. Even though TikTok collectively shed tears after finding out about Jalen Hurts’ longtime girlfriend, many of us are still clinging to the dream of having an NFL BF. In turn, the internet has been turning their attention to another star player in the Superbowl this year: Travis Kelce.

If you’re on TikTok at all, you’ve probably seen Travis Kelce at some point. Most of the time, you can find edits of him set to the “Big Boy” song by SZA, or reposts of his viral interaction with his niece (“Hey babygirl…”). Additionally, celebrities like The Bachelorette‘s Tayshia have shot their shot with the tight end — but they wouldn’t be the first to throw their hat in the ring for Kelce’s attention. In 2016, Kelce was the star of E!’s reality dating show, Catching Kelce. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t exactly a success — Kelce and the winner of the show, Maya Brenberry, only dated for a few months post-show.

Surely, this would mean that Kelce is single now, right? Right?! Hate to burst your bubble, but not really. From his past relationships to his (rumored) current girlfriend, here’s what we know about Travis Kelce’s dating life.

Who is Travis Kelce dating in 2023?

Kelce was most famously linked to internet personality Kayla Nicole in 2017. The couple remained pretty solid until 2022, when breakup rumors swirled around the couple. Nicole was known for her avid support for Kelce and The Chiefs on social media, and since she hasn’t posted anything about the team’s run for the Superbowl, I’d say it’s not looking too great.

However, recently, Kelce has been linked to television host Zuri Hall, who you may recognize from shows like American Ninja Warrior and Access Hollywood. While neither of them have commented on the rumors, sources reveal that the two have been spending time together — even going so far as to catch the two together at Arrowhead Stadium. Her Campus reached out to both Kelce’s and Halls’ teams for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.

I guess, until it’s IG official, it’s worth it for the Kelce fans to shoot their shot on TikTok and the DMs. Go catch yourself a Kelce, bestie!

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