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These Taylor Swift VMAs Moments Have Me CTFU

Growing up, my mom always told me to watch Taylor Swift’s reaction during award shows because she loved how Taylor was constantly supporting other artists, and the 2023 VMAs were no exception. Her reactions are the perfect material for all of your Taylor Swift VMA memes that you’ve been dying to see. And they’re absolutely hilarious. 

Sept. 12 was a win across the board for the Swifties with Taylor winning nine awards throughout the night, including Song of the Year for “Anti-Hero.” 

But that wasn’t the only focal point for fans; Taylor may have given us the latest easter egg by wearing a gown that reminded everyone of her Reputation album. The VMAs also blessed us with the latest Taylena content, because who isn’t obsessed with Selena Gomez and Taylor’s friendship? Taylena is the definition of ride-or-die friendship: When the camera panned to Taylor after Selena and Rema won for Best Afrobeats and we got to see Taylor celebrating her bestie? Tears, literal tears. 

When I’m an old grandmother, I’m going to tell my grandchildren that Taylor invented award shows, because that’s basically the truth, right? We can’t help but just watch her reactions to every nomination and performance. Throughout Taylor’s celebrations and dancing, Swifties got to see that fun and playful side of her that we all love. Fans wasted little time before taking over everyone’s feed just to remind them who Mother is. 

Mother is the coolest woman alive, clearly. 

She’s just like us: still obsessed with her childhood boy bands.


Taylor Swift couldn’t handle *NSYNC’s reunion at the VMAs. #taylorswift #vmas

♬ original sound – consequence

This is the energy I have after completing one assignment, Taylor knows the vibe. 

She’s also, like, the ultimate hype-woman.

And, of course, her friendship with Selena is everything!

And, of course, the edit you’ve been waiting for. Taylor Swift is the moment.


Taylor Swift makes history as she earns Video Of The Year for the 4th time bringing her total up to 25 #fyp #taylorswift #vmas #videooftheyear #swiftie #swifttok

♬ original sound – Daily Mail

So, what I think we’re all hearing is that the VMAs were invented for Taylor, and everyone else just happens to be there, right? 

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