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Fans Think They’ve Found 3 Clues That Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Are Dating

There’s been a lot happening in Swift City recently. Whether you’re still recovering from the Eras Tour, or you’re going to go see the Eras Tour in theaters, it feels like we are constantly being fed new information online by fans from around the world. It also feels like we are seeing so many new Swifties come out of the woodworks throughout these last few months. Many of our favorite singers, actors, and yes, even football players have been spotted at Swift’s concerts throughout the first leg of the Eras Tour.

However, one football player has stood out among the rest. Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End has been incredibly vocal about his admiration and appreciation for Swift. He even attended her concert in Missouri. Many fans believe that something is going on between Swift and Kelce as it’s not only been rumored that they are hanging out, but are also in the beginning stages of seeing one another, and we’re super invested.

This all started out in July, when Swift came to Missouri.

During Swift’s stop in Kansas City, Kelce attempted to pass his phone number to Swift in the most Swiftie way possible: a friendship bracelet. Kelce explained that he was “disappointed that she doesn’t talk before or after her shows because she has to save her voice for the 44 songs that she sings.” Nevertheless, he expressed his disappointment of not being able to talk to Swift after the show. Kelce also didn’t get the chance to hand Swift the bracelet he made for her with his phone number on it during the show.

Kelce may have also been trying to get Swift’s attention during his podcast.

In the most recent episode of Kelce’s podcast, New Heights, Kelce may have thrown hints at Swift to get her attention. Kelce appeared behind the screen wearing a black John Mayer shirt, potentially as a reference to Swift’s songDear John”. Whether it’s purely coincidental or an easter egg, it’s clear that Kelce is very well-versed in hinting like Swift infamously does in her albums.


Replying to @Amy C was Travis Kelce wearing a John Mayer shirt to send a message to Taylor Swift? Perhaps so👀👀 #traviskelce #taylorswiftdating #traviskelcetaylorswift

♬ original sound – KentSports

Swift and Kelce are rumored to be quietly hanging out.

Rumors that Swift and Kelce have been secretly hanging out have taken social media by storm. TikTok users have been posting about a potential new romance between the two, but nothing is officially confirmed yet.

It’s rumored that Swift and Kelce met up in New York, and during the latest episode of Kelce’s podcast, New Heights, he talked about how Swift “likes his mustache.” Can Swift and Kelce just date already because I’m so here for it!  It’s clear that Kelce really likes Swift, so I’m very much here for this.

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