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TikTok Is Obsessed With Matt Rife & So Am I

People turn to TikTok for a majority of things: study tips to embrace this semester, new sex toys to try out, and even where to apply perfume when it’s time to get frisky (on your ankles, duh). Similarly, nowadays, social media seems to be the decider of what’s “in” and “out” within our society. And that includes who we should be thirsting after.

In 2022, following the popularization of Wednesday, TikTok was practically salivating over Lucius Hoyos, the actor who plays young Gomez in the series. For weeks, my FYP was flooded with thirst-toks of the actor, even though I didn’t even watch the show. Now that the Wednesday hype has died down (and with it, the viral Wednesday dance trend), young Gomez-tok has been replaced with TikTok’s newest obsession: Matt Rife. You know, that hot stand-up comedian guy? (Respectfully.)

If you’re in the dark on the Matt Rife era, you won’t be for long. On TikTok, #mattrifeedit has over 45.3 million views, and is only growing by the day. Take a quick scroll through the hashtag and you’ll find an abundance of thirsty edits of the comedian — each one garnering thousands of views. It’s safer to say that TikTok has dubbed 27-year-old Rife as their #1 obsession in 2023. Not only because he’s conventionally attractive: he’s funny, too.

Did you just catch feelings? You’re not alone. Here’s what we know about Matt Rife — so you can use it as material when you slide into his DMs later this week. You’re welcome.

Where Is Matt Rife From?

Being from Western Pennsylvania, I can identify a Midwest boy anywhere — and Rife is no exception. “I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio,” Rife said during one of his sets, posted on TikTok. “I don’t know if anyone’s ever made that mistake.”

Despite poking fun at his Midwest roots, Rife often returns to Ohio on tour. But make no mistake, he’s not going to stop making fun of Ohio, simply because he’s from there. It’s a Midwest, love-hate thing.

Was Matt Rife On Wild ‘N Out?

For some, TikTok might not be their first introduction to Rife. In 2015, Rife joined the main cast of the VH1 (formerly MTV) comedy show, Wild ‘n Out. The show, created by Nick Cannon, showcases improv comedians by having them participate in a variety of skits, roasts, and other comedic exercises. Rife performed on the show for several seasons before leaving in 2017 after 16 episodes.

Rife has also appeared in several independent short films, feature films, and even guest roles in shows like Fresh Off The Boat and Brooklyn 99.

Who is Matt Rife dating?

Currently, and luckily for you, Rife is single. Previously, in 2017, he was linked to model and actress, Kate Beckinsale. Their relationship lasted about a year before ending in 2018, according to Evening Standard. However, being that Rife is TikTok’s newest “it-boy,” users are calling for him to join forces (romantically) with TikTok’s other obsession: Alix Earle.

Honestly, it makes sense! She’s hot, he’s hot, and she just got out of a relationship. Rife could be just what Earle needs post-breakup: he’s funny and doesn’t take life too seriously. Anyone up for a Parent Trap-style matchmaking plot?

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