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TikTok Is Thirsting Over The Actor Who Plays Young Gomez In ‘Wednesday’

Has anyone else been binging Wednesday on Netflix? This 2022 Tim Burton revival has all of the camp and craziness from the 1964 original, but with a fun Gen Z twist. Starring Jenna Ortega — who you may recognize from films like The Fallout, X, and Scream 5 —, Wednesday has been going viral on TikTok due to its creative beauty choices and, of course, the iconic dance scene. But aside from the stellar casting and gothic aesthetic, TikTok has been raving over another part of the show — or, should I say, thirsting.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s a Tim Burton show centered around morbidity, who thirsty can it get? Well, according to TikTok, there’s one actor that has piqued Gen Z’s interest: Lucius Hoyos, who plays young Gomez in the show’s flashback scenes, is the newest subject of TikTok’s attention. On the app, #younggomezaddams has over 55 million views — the tag is full of thirst-trap-style edits of young Gomez, with some users claiming the character as their husband. Maybe it’s just the fact that these edits have been showing up nonstop, but I kind of see where TikTok is coming from on this one. Besties, please tell me I’m not alone, here.

But who is the man behind the role (and the prosthetics)? Here’s what we know about Lucius Hoyos — TikTok’s newest obsession.

Who Is Lucius Hoyos?

While Wednesday is centered around modern-day Wednesday Addams, a teenager, the show does include flashbacks of her parents, Gomez and Morticia — played by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones respectively. In episode five of the series, the audience gets to experience the couple’s past at Nevermore Academy, and we meet the younger versions of both Gomez and Morticia. With the utmost respect, they are both hot.

And while TikTok has also been loving Gwen Jones, who plays young Morticia, they’ve also been snooping to know more about Hoyos. The 21-year-old actor has been in a couple of projects prior to Wednesday, including a role in Heroes Reborn and a voice-acting stint on Paw Patrol. His brother, Ricardo Hoyos, is also settled into the industry as well — you might remember him as Zig Novak on the series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

What Is Lucius Hoyos’ Instagram?

The moment you thirsty kids have been waiting for: Yes, Hoyos is on Instagram. On his page, you can find some pretty cool behind-the-scenes photos, including the process of applying prosthetics, along with various shots of Hoyos posing with cute pets. As if TikTok didn’t need another reason to fall in love with this man.

If you end up following his IG, tell him I sent you. Wink.

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