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Even Lady Gaga’s Doing The ‘Wednesday’ Dance On TikTok

When the Addams family spinoff Wednesday came out on Netflix in November 2023, it’s safe to say the internet went into a frenzy of sorts. Within a few short hours of its release, the public’s obsession with the nuanced gothic drama reached chart-topping levels. Not only did the series become one of the most-streamed shows on the platform basically overnight, but it also gained a large following of passionate followers from all over the world as well. 

This brings us to today, with the hard-to-avoid #wednesdaydance trend taking over TikTok at the moment. It’s as if people everywhere are taking to their screens to emulate the show’s iconic ‘80s-esque goth club choreography. Set to the sound of a snippet of Blood Mary by Lady Gaga the now-viral 15-second dance is eerie and grim––a true honor to the legendary film and television character Wednesday Addams herself. Sometimes users even copy Wednesday’s look down to her signature fashion sense and makeup, which makes for added entertainment to the already alluring dance videos. 

The titular Wednesday star Jenna Ortega choreographed the dance scene for her character on the show. In an interview with Variety, Ortega shared that she came up with the sequence just a few days before the memorable dance scene was shot. She mentioned being inspired by ‘80s archival footage of goths in dance clubs, Denis Lavant, Siouxsie Sioux, Lene Lovich, Bobe Fosse, and Lisa Loring. Eagle-eyed views also noticed a move straight out of a scene with John  Astin Homes from the 1960s Addams family television show. 

Here are some of the most popular clips to date of the dance. And yes, Lady Gaga did it, too.


Replying to @deusedax im gonna learn the whole wednesday dance and camera angles so it looks better brb

♬ original sound – main account got banned

Did I get it right? Hahha havent watch it but I love her already 😂🖤 #wednesdayaddams #wednesdaydancing #tutorial

♬ original sound – main account got banned

this i the best Wednesday dance I could possibly do pls don’t judge 😭 #wednesday #wednesdayaddams #foryou

♬ original sound – main account got banned
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