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The WaterSlyde Is TikTok’s Newest Viral Sex Toy & I’m Obsessed

I don’t want to call anyone out, but I know that — for many people — the showerhead was a form of sexual awakening. Not in the way that the sight of a literal showerhead turns you on, but in the way that a showerhead was the first ever sex toy some of us used — whether we knew it or not. Let’s be honest, the pulse settings on the showerhead walked, so our favorite vibrator could run.

There are so many sex toys out there. From disposable vibrators to good ol’ fashioned rabbits, the choices are endless. However, a new sex toy has been making waves on social media… literally. Meet: the WaterSlyde.

A (welcome) departure from the showerhead sex toy, the WaterSlyde is a new take that only requires running water, the toy itself, and a bathroom door that can lock (you really don’t want your roommates coming in, do you?). The toy functions as an extended faucet that hits right at your pleasure point, so you can relax in your bath like never before.

By fastening the WaterSlyde to your faucet, you can adjust the pressure of your water, depending on how hard you want the water to hit your clitoris, vaginal opening, or any other pleasure point down there. While it doesn’t have five speeds and 30 million patterns like your trusty vibrator, it does pack a punch. Seriously.

TikTok has been going feral over this innovative toy, with the @thewaterslyde account totaling over 147k followers and 7.6 million likes. The account features demonstrations, tutorials, and testimonies from happy users of the toy. Safe to say, it’s well on its way to becoming a massive hit.

Not only does this toy deliver some serious pleasure, it’s also super affordable: at just $35, the WaterSlyde is a reusable toy that’s created to last. And by avoiding direct contact with your pubic area, it’s a much more hygienic take on your typical sex toy. This hands-free alternative is also disability-friendly — because everyone deserves pleasure!

So, to the days of twisting my body into a pretzel to use the faucet on my bathtub — or my showerhead — I say “goodbye.” If you need me, I’ll be in my bathroom with my WaterSlyde enjoying a nice, hot, pleasure-filled… bath.


Lovability, $35

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