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Alix Earle’s Response To Her Breakup Is Iconic, TBH

The Matilda Djerf effect is in full swing as Alix Earle is the new reigning queen of TikTok that is inspiring users’ every move. Her GRWMs changed the makeup game and made way for a new era of content on the app. Her bubbly personality and the authenticity of her college life at the University of Miami quickly created a wave of fans that are obsessed with her. (It’s me, I’m her biggest fan.)

As Earle quickly became the new it-girl of TikTok for being, well, cool and normal, fans were dying to know more about the influencer’s life — including her love life. Her relationship with baseball star Tyler Wade became TikTok’s hottest ship, but with every social media star comes a wave of internet sleuths watching their every move. So, when there was a noticeable absence of Wade in Earle’s TikToks, fans started to worry that Wade and our queen parted ways. 

Well, the rumors are true. On Dec. 19, Earle confirmed the news and how she’s handling the breakup is as iconic as her life. Watch out, Tyler Wade. You’ve got an army of Earle stans coming for you. 

Earle hopped on live to spill the tea on their breakup — it gets messy. 

On Sep. 10, Wade made their relationship official when he asked Earle to be his girlfriend with a rose-covered bed. Since then, Earle hasn’t shied away from showing their adorable relationship with her fans on the app. From attending weddings together to messing around with one another, the painfully attractive couple (c’mon, you know it’s true) were the new it-relationship taking over the FYP. However, on Earle’s Dec. 19 TikTok live, it seemed Wade wasn’t giving Earle the attention she deserved.

On the live, Earle dropped the bomb that she and Wade have been broken up for a while now, but she wanted to keep it lowkey. The root of their breakup stemmed from Wade’s lack of wanting to show Earle off on social media — a major red flag if you ask me. 

You know that wedding they went to? Well, she explained that Wade asked for her opinion on what pictures to post after he and Earle took adorable pictures together, so she got excited that he was finally going to post her. But, the gag is he just wanted her opinion on what selfies of him to post. Meanwhile, Earle was showing him off on her page. I’m sorry, but he made the Alix Earle ask to be posted? Ugh, men. As Earle said on her live, “Post me, b*tch.” 

She also shared that once social media started taking off for her, he changed. So, Earle ultimately decided that they didn’t have time for another and she wanted to spend her last semester of college with her friends. 

After the news came out, fans were shocked but ready to go to battle for the queen of TikTok. One fan posted a video with a screenshot of her messaging Wade back in November saying, “You better post our mf girl fr” and the caption “you should’ve listened to me Tyler.” He really should’ve. Another fan posted a video of her being shocked, but excited for the single era of Earle with the caption: “He broke she up thank you next.” To put it bluntly, Wade fumbled the bag. 

In true Earle fashion, she reacted to the breakup with what she does best: being an icon. 

Following the enlightening live stream, Earle posted a TikTok of her on a private plane with the  audio, “Damn, y’all broke up? Nah, she broke, I’m up.” She captioned it with something all of TikTok is asking themselves during every part of their daily lives, “What would Alix do?” I want to be her when I grow up.

Fans are loving this energy with comments hyping her up. One fan wrote, “One time Alix broke up with her bf, so I did too.” Another wrote, “Alix is the best thing that has happened to America.” I think it’s safe to say that all of TikTok is on Earle’s side. Earle is TikTok’s best friend and if there’s one thing she has taught me, hot girl summer is all year round. 

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