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Lily Houghton

Lily Houghton is in her final year at Exeter studying English. With an unhealthy addiction to shopping, and unparalled knowledge of Exeter's retail sector, the role of Fashion and Beauty Editor seemed to be made for Lily, and her parents were thrilled she channelled her energy towards something that didn't involve spending money. Whilst her goal of bringing the catwalks of Milan and Paris to the sunny south of England may be slighty ambitious, she also hopes to banish the jeans/flip-flop trend from campus once and for all, and impose an immediate expulsion rule on anyone seen in daylight in a onesie. Contradictory to many women interested in fashion, she loves cake, her Ugg boots, and spending an afternoon immersed in an Emily Dickinson anthology. She hopes to travel America before going into the fashion industry, although she still hasn't come to terms with just how soon she will be graduating.