• 5 Worst and Best Memories of My First Semester in College

    Ever since elementary school I dreamt of becoming an official college student. As these dreams became reality, my journey has been rather eventful. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a wild mixture of terrible and amazing events. From worst to best, here’s a quick recap of my most memorable times at VT.

  • Dress Well Test Well: How to Ace the Exam in Style

    To an extent, we all have expectations in clothing whether we realize it or not. These expectations by ourselves and others can have an incredible impact on our performance in a related role. So, what am I saying? — I’m saying maybe you should think twice before rolling out of bed in a questionably stained sleepshirt and grubby sweatpants come exam week

  • Reading Day Rescue!

    This semester's reading day was one for the books, pun intended. With the stress of final exams, papers and deadlines that make you want to make a beeline for the nearest cuddly animal or well-poised shoulder to cry on—you could use a break. So, that's exactly what happened. Her Campus to the rescue!

  • Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Never Mix Prints

    We’ve all heard that it’s a major eye no no to mix prints. My mom always said save it for the clowns. But she’s so wrong! Fashion is, of course, all about breaking the rules and being creative.

  • Go-to Makeup Looks for the Holidays

    It is the holiday season and trying to decide whether a dress is too much or not enough for the occasion can always be exhausting and overwhelming. Although, when it comes to makeup things can be easier. Never mess with these three classic, holiday looks!

  • Stress-Reducing Habits

    Reduce your stress-level and cruise through finals season without curling into a ball and crying.

  • Media Mixer 2016!

    Her Campus Virginia Tech hosts their first annual Media Mixer, a formal networking event to unite and create conversation between the media organizations and independent publications on campus!

  • 10 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is finally acceptable to fully embrace the holiday spirit. That means festive music, winter apparel and, of course, decorations. There is no better way to be festive than with a plethora of holiday decorations. So, here are 10 easy DIY holiday decorations to get you into the holiday spirit.

  • How to Snap Out of Break Mode

    Thanksgiving break has ended and of course that means your professors are about to kick it into gear (and maybe kick your grade in the face in the process). So if you need a little help getting back into school routine, here are some tips and tricks

  • Chronicles Of an Out of State Student

    While the holidays kick into gear, it’s important to appreciate where you come from. As an out of state student, my appreciation grows each and every day. However, wearing the out of state title isn’t always easy. Here’s an idea of the questions and comments that out of state students hear pretty much every day.

  • Realities of Freshman Year

    What they should tell you before you start freshman year is something like this: “It’s going to be weird and it might not all be pretty, but you’re going to learn a lot about yourself.”

  • Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Never Let Your Bra Show

    Rachel Kiser, a freshman here at Tech, is the ultimate fashion rule breaker. See how she interprets the boudoir, ultra feminine look wearing slip dresses as layering pieces? What rule will be broken next?

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