• Everyday Sexism: What Is It?

    While it is true gender is more fluid today than ever before, that doesn't mean sexism isn't still inherent in everyday interactions

  • My Life Without Soccer

    When I came to school, the one thing I worried about most was adapting to life without soccer. I left behind eleven years, 22 seasons, and the very center of my well-being. No more game day jitters, no more blisters, no more bus rides to away games, no more daily practices, and no student athlete title.

  • Five Reasons Couples Should Not Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and that means if you have a valentine, chances are that you are frantically trying to plan the perfect day, whether you are feeling an immense pressure to be overly romantic, spending a lot of money on presents with temporarily marked-up prices, or stressing out over if your significant other will approve of all your efforts.

  • Multi-love: An Introduction to Polyamory

    It was as if I had four different hearts and each one was telling me to be with a different person. I cannot remember where I first heard about polyamory but the concept sounded and felt vaguely similar to what I was going through.

  • Washed Ashore: Model Auditions

    Models gathered in the Wallace atrium on January 31st and February 1st to show a panel of judges their best walks in preparation for Washed Ashore, the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society's 2017 Fashion Show. Kicking off the series of Washed Ashore, we check in from the model auditions.

  • Virginia Tech Beauty Celebs: Tips from a Pageant Queen

    With experience in modeling, pageantry, social media and publicity, and broadcasting, Ashley has established a following of almost 11,000 on Instagram. In today's interview, we find out what the secret is to Ashley's confidence and success.

  • Hokies Don't Hate: No Ban No Wall Solidarity Rally

    As Hokies, we yield to a higher standard of inclusivity and community. Regardless of religious and political leaning, race, ethnicity or cultural background, we are all united as Hokies. We are part of this loving community, and we must be reminded of such unifying ties in face of adversity.

  • How to Stay Ahead This Semester

    I always start out the semester with dreams of getting ahead on assignments and studying weeks before each exam. It goes well for roughly...

  • Clothing with a Cause: Ivory Ella on Campus

    If we don’t know anything about the world around us, how can we make it better? We are a young generation and the generations after us will have the ability to protect this world and be sustainable for future generations. It’s important to me and to everyone whether they know it or not.

  • Here’s What Has Happened Since Trump’s Inauguration

    If you’ve been living under a rock or have refused to watch the news in horror of seeing what may come next, I have compiled a list below of everything that has happened since Donald J. Trump became president of the United States.

  • How to Survive Being Sick in College

    By getting your work done ahead of time, when Hokie Plague strikes, you can crawl in bed with a bowl of ramen and the only question you’ll have to answer is “are you still watching?” on Netflix.

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