• How to Avoid Writer's Block

    I'm exhaling a huge sigh of relief and sipping green tea, coming down from what was a rather anticlimactic day. I'm a worrier by nature, a...

  • Not So Basic Halloween Costumes

    What's worse than showing up in the same costume to a Halloween party? Probably nothing. Check out our video article for not so basic Halloween costume ideas!

  • Falling in Love with Blacksburg

    Fall is here! The days are cooler and the nights colder; the leaves are changing colors; we get to wear our comfy yet stylish sweaters, AND it is almost Halloween! The best part is that we get to spend it in Blacksburg!

  • My Battle with Gluten Intolerance

    It all started the winter of my senior year. I turned in all of my school and scholarship applications and soccer preseason came in full...

  • The Art of Staying “Froomies”

    It’s October. This is the month that “froomies” can turn into “frenmies”. You are in the same friend groups, you go out together on the...

  • Caroline, Queen of Layering

    VPI Styleguide is Her Campus Virginia Tech's official source of style straight from campus. Exploring varying styles, we capture the faces and fashion you want to see. Have a stylish friend you want to see featured? Contact us.

  • Five Midterm Must-Haves

    As midterm season approaches, so does midterm season stress. Keeping organized will help ease your mind and make your studying easier. Here are five do-or-die organizational tools you need to keep you on top of your game.

  • How to Not Gain the Freshman 15

    It can be hard not to gain weight while going to a school that has great on-campus dining, off-campus restaurants and a lively social scene. Good news though, you don’t have to limit your food or fun to avoid gaining weight. Read more!

  • Fall Nail Trends

    Fall is finally here! Now it’s time to embrace this season's newest trends. Her Campus recently paired up with a certified nail technician...

  • 9 Signs He’s Not Worth It

    Not worth your time, your phone bill, your tears or your sanity.Not worth your time, your phone bill, your tears or your sanity.

  • 5 Reasons Women Should Take Self Defense in College

    The first couple of months coming back to Blacksburg are exciting. It’s the start of a new school year where you get to see old friends, meet new friends and enjoy being a college student. We all know what it’s like – we go out, have fun and get to enjoy the college scene. That’s why we need to talk about sexual assault on college campuses. Read our latest on self defense.

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