• 10 Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it is finally acceptable to fully embrace the holiday spirit. That means festive music, winter apparel and, of course, decorations. There is no better way to be festive than with a plethora of holiday decorations. So, here are 10 easy DIY holiday decorations to get you into the holiday spirit.

  • How to Snap Out of Break Mode

    Thanksgiving break has ended and of course that means your professors are about to kick it into gear (and maybe kick your grade in the face in the process). So if you need a little help getting back into school routine, here are some tips and tricks

  • Chronicles Of an Out of State Student

    While the holidays kick into gear, it’s important to appreciate where you come from. As an out of state student, my appreciation grows each and every day. However, wearing the out of state title isn’t always easy. Here’s an idea of the questions and comments that out of state students hear pretty much every day.

  • Realities of Freshman Year

    What they should tell you before you start freshman year is something like this: “It’s going to be weird and it might not all be pretty, but you’re going to learn a lot about yourself.”

  • Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Never Let Your Bra Show

    Rachel Kiser, a freshman here at Tech, is the ultimate fashion rule breaker. See how she interprets the boudoir, ultra feminine look wearing slip dresses as layering pieces? What rule will be broken next?

  • 10 Legitimate Excuses Every Virginia Tech Student Understands

    If you feel like you're always that person arriving late to class or a meeting, then you're in the right place — and you're not alone. At some point, every Virginia Tech student has experienced one or all of these scenarios. We'll call them legitimate excuses...

  • Pulled Over: An Erratic Trilogy

    During my time as a license holder in the state of Virginia, I have been pulled over three times, which is embarrassing in part because I have been driving for less than five years. All three incidents occurred within the last year, two were while traveling between school and home, and arguably only one was my fault.

  • Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Black and Navy

    But I challenge you to accept fashion for what it is meant to be: absolutely radical. Forget about the “rules” or even better break them! Her Campus is ready to show you how to do it.

  • Breaking Down Slut Shaming

    I’m not exactly a girl with low-key opinions; in fact, I have a stance on everything from blue jays to Sublime, and slut shaming is no exception. So, hold onto your panties (or fear ridicule) and let’s dive right in.

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