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Your Guide to Spring Skincare

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Spring 2024 is here! The seasonal change from winter to spring has many perks for the body. However, your skin may be confused now. As we notice seasonal changes, such as increases in temperature, UV rays and humidity, our skin can worsen. The winter months are especially hard on our skin as well and can leave it very dry. During this time, our skin is recovering from winter and preparing for the spring and summer months. However, these are some simple changes that you can make this spring to prepare your skin for the season.  

Prepare your skincare lineup

The number one skin care issue that many people run into during these months is sun damage. This could come in the form of a sunburn, harsh lines and unwanted texture. To combat these potential issues, make a sun care plan of time. As much as we like to bake in the sun, our skin does not. I recommend creating a lineup that includes a daily facial sunscreen, a touch up sunscreen powder/spray, a spray body sunscreen and a cream/oil body sunscreen for more sensitive areas. It is recommended that you apply your sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and that you reapply after you’ve been exposed to water or excessive sweat. Before you go outside, always check the UV rays on a weather app and make sure that you’re prepared.  

Be mindful when using harsh ingredients

Many of us use a retinoid in our skincare routine, such as tretinoin or adapalene, as well as Accutane. When using these ingredients/medications, your skin becomes more sensitive, and it is vital that you protect your skin during this time. Using a retinoid at nighttime is helpful because it will soak into your skin overnight. In the morning, however, it’s important to lather on your sunscreen from your lineup. The severity of using retinoids depends on how many nights a week you apply them. Either way, when using these, we need to be extra careful about how we protect our skin from the sun.  

Watch out for extra bacteria

If you have an oily face like me, you will understand this extra step. Especially during the spring and summer months, our faces produce a lot of sebum, oil and sweat. When we go for a long time with this moisture on our face, it becomes a bacteria’s playground. This can cause breakouts to pop up quicker than they usually would. In the spring and summer, I alternate between a hydrating and hydrogen peroxide cleanser to combat this. Along with this, I also use an anti-bacterial spray after being outside in the sun and/or sweating. It’s important to clean your face thoroughly during these months, whatever you do.  

Add post-sun skincare to your routine

In my experience, just using sun-care by itself is not enough. Even after we’re out of the sun and have washed our sunscreen off, our skin still needs moisture. During these warmer months, I swap out my heavy body and face moisturizers for lighter gel moisturizers. Using gel moisturizer that is specifically formulated for post-sun skin is even better. A lot of these include aloe and act like a two in one. Taking care of your skin post sun exposure is important to maintain its moisture.  

Clean out your collection

This is an optional step, as it could take place anytime during the season. Many of us are reluctant to check expiration dates on our skincare products. On the back of every bottle of skincare products is an open container image with the number of months that it is good for while opened. Most products will last 6-12 months. Spring is a perfect time to go through your cabinet while you’re paying extra attention to your skin. Take note of what products made your skin feel the best, and which ones didn’t. Revitalize your collection and you’ll be even more eager to take care of your skin.  

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