• When to Say 'I Love You'

    The majority of us, as college women, have heard the words "I love you." If you have not, it likely will not be far off. It can cause fluttering eyelashes and unsettled nerves in the same moment, but either way it is definitely exciting.

  • What Your Favorite Valentine's Chocolate Box Says About You

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and whether you have a significant other or not, we can all appreciate the most important part: THE CHOCOLATE! So without further, adieu, let’s see what your favorite Valentine’s candy box says about you! See what I just did there?

  • Why Valentine's Day is About More Than Just Romance

    On Valentine's Day, remember to show your family how much you love them because they have loved you unconditionally since the day you were born. Your family has been there through all of the ups and downs throughout your life.

  • Why My Dad Will Always Be My No. 1 Valentine

    This quote definitely rings true in my life. My dad has been my best friend, partner in crime, twin and role model since the day I came into this world 21 years ago. He was the first man to ever give me a valentine when I was just a little girl, and every year he has upheld this tradition.

  • A Big Love for Valentine's Day

    I hear plenty of people argue with the whole “you should show your love everyday, not just for this commercial holiday,” which I totally understand. In my eyes, though, this commercial holiday is more than happy couples going on dates - it gives everyone the chance to remind others that they are loved and to feel loved.

  • 7 Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

    Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is one thing that everyone loves about Valentine’s Day: sweets. Instead of opting for a...

  • Valentine's Day Lookbook

    With Valentine’s Day upon us, finding the perfect outfit is essential to compliment your plans. Whether it be a late night with your SO, a...

  • A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Boyfriend

    Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most difficult holidays to shop for. Do you buy an expensive gift? Or do you stay simple and stick to chocolate? Valentine’s Day is not a major holiday, yet there is an obligation to purchase a gift of some type that’s not just dinner or different types of candy.

  • Spreading Valentine's Day Love Throughout the Year

    Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to appreciate your loved ones and remind yourself of all the love that is present in your life. However, just like many holidays, we should not limit ourselves to just one day

  • Valentine's Day Decor

    This article is for everyone wanting to spruce up their place a bit in time for Valentine’s Day! There are plenty of inexpensive options to...

  • Celebrate Your Gals

    The month of February is either really exciting or really sad for people. Some people do not see the joy in Valentine’s Day if they do not have a significant other. I personally think this is a toxic mindset to have going into this holiday. Valentine's Day is about love. That can be your love for anyone.

  • Bow Down to Black Feminism

    Bow down to Black feminism because Black women have forever been at the bottom of society’s totem pole. Black women were enslaved, beaten, raped among many other horrific things just to come and be heroes in the end. Our voices silenced. Our stories forbidden from ever being told and left out of history (i.e. Claudette Colvin).

  • Thoughts on Humanity

    I have reached the point in my life where I have accepted that I do not understand people, and I am probably never going to. I would like to believe that the reason for this is the complexity of the human mind.

  • 'Roomies' Book Review

    Roomies is a rom-com in your head that you can never put down! I have been dying to snag a copy of this novel for a while. I am a bit late to the Roomies game (about two months too late), but it is one of the best contemporary romance novels I have ever read.

  • 5 Signs You Are a Journalism Major

    Check your social media. Stay up to date with the news, local and national, of course. Need to step out of the classroom because you have an important phone interview for an article, but it could only be scheduled during class time? It is encouraged. Journalism is sounding cool now, huh?

  • How Sex Ed is Different in the Netherlands vs. America

    Sex Education is an important part of a school’s curriculum. There are differences between our sex ed here in America versus other countries, and I am looking to explore those differences and how they affect teens, adults and the general public’s attitudes.

  • Why MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ Should Be Your Guilty Pleasure Show

    BE AWARE ! Once you start this show, you will not be able to stop watching it. I never said it was a high quality show, but it is definitely addicting. I mean, I love sitting in the comfort of my own home, laughing my butt off at other people’s unfortunate life situations and drama.

  • 5 Ways to Revamp Your Dorm Room on a Budget

    With the school year more than halfway over, you may be getting sick of the dorm room you decorated months ago. You may not want to change everything, but spicing things up a bit never hurts! Even if you are a typical broke college student, there are still easy ways to revamp your dorm room!

  • What to Know Before Adopting a Dog in College

    Having a dog has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Since adopting Riley, my mental health has dramatically improved. I find myself being better at time management and tackling responsibilities. I have become more patience, more loving and more kind.


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