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Nisha Shah

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Anatomy of the Unrealistic Rom-Com


So I love a good romantic comedy...actually, who am I kidding - I love the bad ones too. My theory is that this stems from growing up watching Bollywood movies. Believe it or not, the majority of Bollywood movies are rom coms and musicals. I’m not saying I exclusively like chick flicks, but when I am bored or looking for a fun and easy way to find almost guaranteed entertainment I look to the rom com. Sometimes, the cheesier the better! As a result of the hours spent watching endless meet cutes and happily ever afters, I like to think that I know a fair amount about rom coms. What I have learned watching them is that the things that happen in rom coms definitely don't happen in real life. Okay, I probably figured this out after the first one I watched - the rest simply corroborated the hypothesis. But with the vast rom com experience that I have done, I now share with you some of my favorite unrealistic moments!

Notting Hill

Ok there are definitely a lot of unrealistic moments in this one, but really, when is the person you love (but haven't yet told him/her) going to stand in front of you in a bookstore saying "And don't forget…I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"? Really, when?

Dialogue starts at 0:30: 

Also, fighting a movie star for the last brownie at dinner by sharing stories of your pathetic-ness. I suppose this one has more of a chance of being realistic, say if you hang out with movies stars on the daily, but for us mere mortals this is more of a hypothetical situation. 

How to Create Outfits When You Feel Like There is “Nothing” in Your Closet



            Reflecting on past semesters, I realized that there always manages to be at least one extremely busy 10-14 day interval where I have assignments, midterms, and other obligations one after another after another. During this time the regular housekeeping tasks often get put off. This means mounds of paper remain on the floor, coffee cups line my desk, and the worst offense, my laundry starts to pile up. It's times like these where mixing and matching clothing items is really my only hope to make the most of whatever remains in my closet after the normal laundry period has past. Sometimes it is rough to pair what's left in my closet, but other times there are just enough pieces to change up my look.

            The first couple days tend to be easy when pairing everything up, but about halfway through this time, it definitely gets more complicated. When I get really stuck, I look to fashion and personal style blogs for fresh ideas. The pairings create unique looks and help me re-examine how I look at the left over pieces in my closet. As you can see in the pictures, 1- I have no desire to be a model when I grow up and 2 – accessories can be a fantastic way to help change up any outfit. In my experience, if you have a few layering pieces like blazers and cardigans along with some tops - maybe a mix of prints and neutrals - and a few neutral bottoms you can make a number of outfits through creative and strategic mixing!





The most obvious but most important aspect that makes Suno so different from the others on campus is its incorporation of culture into its music. Suno, itself, means listen in Hindi and it is a Hindi fusion a cappella group. The group takes popular Indian songs, mostly in Hindi, and combines them with English songs. The members of the group all trace their heritage to Indian roots, so this group gives its members the chance to embrace all parts of their heritage.

The members of Suno come from a variety of backgrounds, musically, and not all are familiar with Hindi or any other languages. But as freshman Raji Pyda says, "That's actually one of the things I like about this group. You don’t necessarily have to be familiar with popular music in Hindi or even like English popular music to be a part of this group. There's opportunities for people who don’t know the songs, to learn them."

The group credits the music director Rakesh Subramanian for arranging songs together in a way that manages to capture the purpose of the combination while being musically interesting. His ability to visualize the group as a whole singing the piece and then to break the piece down to learn is a source of admiration for much of the group.

How to Dress Like Michelle Obama



Even though the Presidential campaign came to a close last month with the re-election of President Obama, there was another indirect win as a result of this re-election- more fabulous FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) fashion from Michelle Obama! For all of us fashion lovers, it was certainly a win knowing that we would get to see another four years of fabulous fashion from Michelle Obama. So, in honor of our stylish first lady, I present to you five FLOTUS fashion tips:

1. Don't be afraid of COLOR

Yes color can be an intimidating, but when done right, it has an amazing impact! Michelle effortlessly works the bright red hue in a practicable way - a classic and simple sleeveless sheath dress.

You can bring the same color to your closet in small doses. This belted pencil skirt is a great option to wear to work with a plain white shirt and black flats.

(ASOS $23.75)


2. Incorporate PRINTS into your wardrobe

Prints can sometimes be difficult to weave into your daily wardrobe, especially because some prints can definitely border on childish. However, as Michelle shows us, a print can bring whimsy to basic look.

Gabriella Soler



This week's campus cutie can be found studying hard at the library, shopping on Newbury Street, or heading to the movies to see the latest releases. No matter where you spot her on campus or around Boston, you will never catch her without her iPod and a fabulous outfit!

Gabriella Soler, a junior from Puerto Rico, is majoring in Behavioral Biology in CAS. Gabriella is also taking Spanish literature courses, which ties into her love for her native language as well as her interest in Spanish writing. Her favorite author is Gabriel García Márquez and she loves reading Paulo Coelho's books as well as Pablo Neruda's poems.

Going to the movies has always been one of Gabriella’s favorite pastimes. Comedies are a particular favorite for Gabriella, especially when accompanied by popcorn (no butter), a diet coke, and on occasion her guilty pleasure, chocolate. 

As a transplant to Boston, this island girl loves how vibrant and alive the city of Boston is. "Everyone is always busy and there is always something to do!" said Gabriella.

Keep an eye of for our latest cutie on campus and around Boston!




Interview with "What I Wore" Blogger Jessica Quirk



            As the weather gets cooler, hello fabulous scarves and boots, inspiration to dress up in anything other than sweats or leggings can be hard to find. Enter Jessica Quirk, personal style blogger of What I Wore, bringing her own sartorial perspective to the table! I recently corresponded with Jessica to get to know her fashion/style perspective.

            Style is developed over time and experience, and inspiration can come from all over. What I Wore inspiration comes to us from Bloomington, Indiana where Quirk devotes her time to working on her personal style blog. Its main feature is the Daily Outfit post with pictures of a look and details about that look. In addition to the daily outfits, the blog also includes posts of DIY projects, links to other blogs, and blogging tips.

            What I Wore is meant to provide people with inspiration and suggestions for their own outfits and lives. As such, when asked about an item that can instantly update an outfit, Quirk suggests a leopard print scarf. Her own scarf has been getting a workout lately, as she finds herself using it in a variety of looks; it is a go-to item that can be dressed up or down! And in my personal opinion, leopard has definitely upgraded from trendy to classic in the past few years. Designers and fashionistas alike have begun matching this print with just about everything.

Interview with The Boston Fashionista: Being Stylish in Beantown!


Need some new inspiration getting dressed in the mornings? Well look no further than your very own backyard for a cool, local style and fashion blogger, The Boston Fashionista! I got to meet her and get her take on things fashion and non-fashion related.

Settled into a booth in a bakery-café in Coolidge Corner, I learned that the blog began as a response to the BF's own love for fashion media. Originally from Oklahoma, the BF moved to the Boston area in 2005, and now calls it home. She works as an administrator in a university science department and uses the blog as an outlet for self-expression and as a tool to connect with others, especially in Boston.

"I went to a Catholic high school so I wore the classic plaid skirt and blazer everyday so [stylish stylish college girls are] such a foreign concept to me." Experimentation led the BF to developing her own style, which she believes is the cure to going through 5 outfits before choosing one; it's all about knowing what shapes work on you, what works for your lifestyle. Then when there are new trends, you can view them "with a critical eye" and judge whether or not they work.

Your Guide to Buying Black Flats


Black flats are a staple in my closet since they are easy to pair with different outfits. For mornings when you wake up with class in fifteen minutes, slip into your trusty black flats and your go-to jeans and sweater outfit to make it on time, and then pair them with a skirt and colorful blouse for dinner with friends. The neutral shade of black is why I need to have at least one pair of black flats at all times and the fact that they are flat makes them an even better because in Boston there is a lot of walking to do!

Since I work and have class right after, it is important for me to have professional shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day. Especially in this awkward weather we have had lately, these flats are a lifesaver because they keep my toes warm in the morning and are open enough that if it gets sunny during the day, I am still okay. Unfortunately, my favorite black flats are officially unwearable, so I am looking to replace them. A few that I like are included here!


This suede pair from Urban Outfitters ($38) is adorable. I like how it has stacked two bows, which is unusual.


This pair from Aldo($80) would definitely be a splurge, but they are so cute with the gold hardware and tassels - adding polish to any outfit.


And these simple, black patent flats (H&M, $17.95) are also a great plain basic.

New Girl: Zoey Deschanel's It Girl Style


As part of my Fall TV line-up, I have added the new Fox show New Girl, featuring one of my favorite actress/musicians Zooey Deschanel. Although it’s only half way through the season, I love Deschanel's quirky but lady-like style, that you also seen on red carpets. I love how she wears and pairs clothes so that she looks retro and modern simultaneously with classic, simple patterns and silhouettes. Her pairings of tights and longer hemlines are especially useful for the not-quite-yet-cold weather and exudes a lady-like elegance.
The femininity of Deschanel's style works really well with other popular trends right now. I feel like small florals, soft colors, flats, and lace are currently staples in closets. While I love how I have seen these things up and down Comm. Ave., I had some trouble actually implementing them into my own wardrobe. I found that the best way to incorporate a little lady-like elegance is with little touches - a floral print scarf, a lace trimmed blouse, or a blush colored cardigan.

What to Wear to Work or an Internship


Ok, so you finally got that sweet job/internship you've been hoping for, now the question is what do you wear? Work wear can be a murky genre, misperceived as the land of dark and boring, but this doesn't  have to be the case. Business casual clothing should project confidence and competence so the fit of clothing is crucial when shopping for work wear. A trouser or skirt is a good way to start any outfit for work, and I would suggest going with a neutral color. Remember, neutral does not mean just black - navy and shades of tan, brown,  and grey also make viable options - and so do subtle prints, like pinstripes. A blouse in a solid color or gentle print, like stripes or a floral pattern, that coordinates with the bottom is perfect.  Blouses and button down shirts are a great place to add a pop of color like cobalt or melon. More dimension and versatility can be achieved by a blazer or cardigan while details like pins, scarves, and jewelry add interest and individuality. For example, the classic pairing of a button down shirt and grey trousers can instantly be upgraded with a blush cardigan (currently obsessed with this color) and a long multi-pendant necklace.
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