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Interview with The Boston Fashionista: Being Stylish in Beantown!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Need some new inspiration getting dressed in the mornings? Well look no further than your very own backyard for a cool, local style and fashion blogger, The Boston Fashionista! I got to meet her and get her take on things fashion and non-fashion related.

Settled into a booth in a bakery-café in Coolidge Corner, I learned that the blog began as a response to the BF’s own love for fashion media. Originally from Oklahoma, the BF moved to the Boston area in 2005, and now calls it home. She works as an administrator in a university science department and uses the blog as an outlet for self-expression and as a tool to connect with others, especially in Boston.

“I went to a Catholic high school so I wore the classic plaid skirt and blazer everyday so [stylish stylish college girls are] such a foreign concept to me.” Experimentation led the BF to developing her own style, which she believes is the cure to going through 5 outfits before choosing one; it’s all about knowing what shapes work on you, what works for your lifestyle. Then when there are new trends, you can view them “with a critical eye” and judge whether or not they work.

When choosing an outfit, the BF says it starts with a piece she is feeling good about on that particular day and then the rest of the outfit is built around that. “I know when an outfit is done when I’m comfortable and you know, when I feel like it looks great and it’s time for me to go to work, and I can’t play around with it anymore!” Instant outfit upgrade? Other than a smile, a great, polished looking bag and shoes can bring an outfit to another level.

Modern Boston style is “very next generation Brahmin” according to the BF. People wear clothes that are classic and sophisticated, but then they add their own twists, making it “younger, fresher, and more edgy.” For example, adding a leather jacket and interesting shoes to a classic tweedy pencil skirt and blouse combination. There is still the “nod to classic New England sophistication,” but then there is a newness and a creative originality as well; it’s “not stuffy.”

Then came the for fun questions. Turns out, the BF is also a history fan and if she could go back in time she would like to meet Catherine the Great from Russia or Queen Elizabeth. Why? Because they were both women doing a man’s job, better then a man could, and because they overcame a lot of obstacles but were still very successful. “Egypt for the pyramids” and if she could go back in time, historical Constantinople for the cultural diversity, are on the BF’s list of places to travel. A Game of Thrones is what the BF is currently reading (the show is based off of this book) and she loves watching Revenge. At the movies you can find the BF in line for a Joaquin Phoenix or Meryl Streep movie with popcorn as the chosen movie snack, in which the “popcorn is actually just a vehicle for all the butter and salt.”

Now that you know a little bit about the Boston Fashionista and her blog, go check out http://www.thebostonfashionista.com/ and get some inspiration!
Photos from www.thebostonfashionista.com with permission.

Elyssa is a "New Yourker" who has somehow ended up in Boston. She is currently studying journalism at Boston University and is excited to be the Campus Correspondent for the BU branch of Her Campus! She also enjoys theatre, frozen yogurt, and obsessively watching "Dancing with the Stars." When not doing any of above, she can be found quoting "Pirates of the Caribbean."