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New Girl: Zoey Deschanel’s It Girl Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

As part of my Fall TV line-up, I have added the new Fox show New Girl, featuring one of my favorite actress/musicians Zooey Deschanel. Although it’s only half way through the season, I love Deschanel’s quirky but lady-like style, that you also seen on red carpets. I love how she wears and pairs clothes so that she looks retro and modern simultaneously with classic, simple patterns and silhouettes. Her pairings of tights and longer hemlines are especially useful for the not-quite-yet-cold weather and exudes a lady-like elegance.

The femininity of Deschanel’s style works really well with other popular trends right now. I feel like small florals, soft colors, flats, and lace are currently staples in closets. While I love how I have seen these things up and down Comm. Ave., I had some trouble actually implementing them into my own wardrobe. I found that the best way to incorporate a little lady-like elegance is with little touches – a floral print scarf, a lace trimmed blouse, or a blush colored cardigan.

Ashley Rossi is a sophomore at Boston University studying Magazine Journalism and Mass Communication. After living in a small town for most of her childhood she looked towards the city for an exciting adventure. At BU Ashley has volunteered with the Community Service Center and written for various publications, including The Buzz and College Fashionista. Her goal is to eventually run the creative department for any major fashion magazine or international design house. Ashley also blogs daily on her blog, Gossip, Chanel, and English Tea on Tumblr. In the meantime she enjoys relaxing on the beach, watching Gossip Girl and Weeds, and reading the next Lauren Weisberger novel.