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How to Create Outfits When You Feel Like There is “Nothing” in Your Closet

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.


            Reflecting on past semesters, I realized that there always manages to be at least one extremely busy 10-14 day interval where I have assignments, midterms, and other obligations one after another after another. During this time the regular housekeeping tasks often get put off. This means mounds of paper remain on the floor, coffee cups line my desk, and the worst offense, my laundry starts to pile up. It’s times like these where mixing and matching clothing items is really my only hope to make the most of whatever remains in my closet after the normal laundry period has past. Sometimes it is rough to pair what’s left in my closet, but other times there are just enough pieces to change up my look.

            The first couple days tend to be easy when pairing everything up, but about halfway through this time, it definitely gets more complicated. When I get really stuck, I look to fashion and personal style blogs for fresh ideas. The pairings create unique looks and help me re-examine how I look at the left over pieces in my closet. As you can see in the pictures, 1- I have no desire to be a model when I grow up and 2 – accessories can be a fantastic way to help change up any outfit. In my experience, if you have a few layering pieces like blazers and cardigans along with some tops – maybe a mix of prints and neutrals – and a few neutral bottoms you can make a number of outfits through creative and strategic mixing!

            While it may be hard at first to find new outfit combinations in your wardrobe, stay determined and try to plan your outfits the night before. Add accessories and a cute scarf and hat to any outfit to stay warm during these chilly winter days! 

Elyssa is a "New Yourker" who has somehow ended up in Boston. She is currently studying journalism at Boston University and is excited to be the Campus Correspondent for the BU branch of Her Campus! She also enjoys theatre, frozen yogurt, and obsessively watching "Dancing with the Stars." When not doing any of above, she can be found quoting "Pirates of the Caribbean."