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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.


This week’s campus cutie can be found studying hard at the library, shopping on Newbury Street, or heading to the movies to see the latest releases. No matter where you spot her on campus or around Boston, you will never catch her without her iPod and a fabulous outfit!

Gabriella Soler, a junior from Puerto Rico, is majoring in Behavioral Biology in CAS. Gabriella is also taking Spanish literature courses, which ties into her love for her native language as well as her interest in Spanish writing. Her favorite author is Gabriel García Márquez and she loves reading Paulo Coelho’s books as well as Pablo Neruda’s poems.

Going to the movies has always been one of Gabriella’s favorite pastimes. Comedies are a particular favorite for Gabriella, especially when accompanied by popcorn (no butter), a diet coke, and on occasion her guilty pleasure, chocolate. 

As a transplant to Boston, this island girl loves how vibrant and alive the city of Boston is. “Everyone is always busy and there is always something to do!” said Gabriella.

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Elyssa is a "New Yourker" who has somehow ended up in Boston. She is currently studying journalism at Boston University and is excited to be the Campus Correspondent for the BU branch of Her Campus! She also enjoys theatre, frozen yogurt, and obsessively watching "Dancing with the Stars." When not doing any of above, she can be found quoting "Pirates of the Caribbean."